EnTribe Expands SaaS Platform with New Media Hub, Increasing Brands’ Access to User-Generated Content

Consumers’ preference towards user-generated content has led to an immediate need for more advanced management and accessibility tools that streamline the content privacy process

OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EnTribe, the first-of-its-kind SaaS platform for community content development, today announced the addition of multiple advanced features to its CRM software, Campfire, to simplify and secure third-party access to content, boost community engagement and better streamline overall user-generated content (UGC) clearance to allow for more efficient and effective UGC strategies.

Following EnTribe’s recent survey that illustrated 84% of consumers are more likely to trust and purchase products/services from brands who share content from real customers in marketing initiatives, the platform developed and launched three new features to allow brands to quickly produce and share UGC to stay ahead of consumers’ demand, including:

Advanced Media Hub: Users can now quickly provide secure access to content for third-party vendors through an external and simple site. This will be a game changer for Channel Marketing teams who need to securely and efficiently distribute and track marketing materials for retail partners.
Curated Widget Uploader: Brands now have full ownership and control over their widgets, and can build and customize the widget in a streamlined process to resonate with their customer base.
Self-Service Gallery Manager: Allows for faster distribution of content and simplifies the publishing process of assets.

“One of the issues we’ve seen brands struggle with in the past is distributing approved marketing videos and images in a secure way,” explains Adam Dornbusch, founder/CEO of EnTribe. “We wanted to create an easily accessible solution for our users to create content albums and then provide secure access to those albums to anyone they choose, ultimately simplifying and expediting the entire clearance process for content that can be published. We also included a feature that allows brands to then track who downloads each piece of content in case there is a need to take down any asset in the future.”

"EnTribe helped us build a creator community from the ground up,” said CEO & Founder of InkEdibles. “The addition of these features has made it easy for EnTribe to work closely with our Social Media Agency and easily get them the content they need from our edible ink and cake decoration creators for our social channels. With EnTribe, we’ve been able to create a community of 200 active creators with over 1,500 pieces of rights-cleared UGC."

The launch of these new applications follows a year of significant growth for EnTribe. In the past year, the platform has experienced a 300% increase in the number of paying customers and a 700% increase in number of accounts, adding to its existing client roster of Fortune 100 companies in the technology, food and beverage, and higher education spaces, among others. Continuing throughout 2022, EnTribe will be adding more exciting features on Campfire to continue enhancing brands’ ability to connect with their customers through UGC. To learn more about EnTribe please visit: https://www.entribe.com/

About EnTribe

EnTribe is one of the first SaaS platforms that helps build a community of creators for your brand. We go beyond UGC management by making it easier for you to search, acquire and connect with your community. We empower you with collaborative communication tools, interactive features like social discovery, and easy-to-track performance charts all in one unified platform to help bridge the gap between the content you want and the content your community shares. Overall, EnTribe lets you access fresh content by connecting you with all the active members of your community, which, in turn, leads to effective and authentic marketing campaigns.


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