Key Digital Components Remake the AV Infrastructure at Murdy’s in Corpus Christi

— Key Digital’s 4K UHD AV over IP Encoders/Decoders and Compass Control® software create a new hub that replaced the venue’s old 8x8 matrix with a streamlined and intuitive platform —

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MOUNT VERNON, NY, July 28, 2022 – Murdy’s started out as Murdock’s in 1998 and set out to become Corpus Christi’s go-to spot for a casual drink while kicking back to watch every game on television. Firmly established as one of the city’s favorite gathering places, Murdy’s likes to say, “We’re more than a bar, we’re a community.” This quintessential Texas sports bar has since shortened its name but expanded its immersive atmosphere, now with 17 video displays making sure no one misses a single play or call. That all-sports-everywhere atmosphere was recently enhanced further with a complete renovation of Murdy’s media infrastructure. San Antonio-based integrator Absolute Communications & Network Solutions employed Key Digital products and technology, replacing the bar’s older, wiring-intensive matrix infrastructure with a sleeker, more efficient hub based around Key Digital 4K UHD AV over IP Encoders/Decoders, a Linksys LGS352MPC 48-port managed network switch, and Key Digital’s Compass Control® software on an iPad for complete and intuitive user management of every screen.

“The bar’s existing AV infrastructure was 15 years old and looked like it,” says Abel Gonzalez, Sales Manager and Project Estimator for Absolute Communications. “It was quite a tangled mess of wires and cables, and one of the two existing matrix switchers had finally failed, so it was time for an upgrade.” The integrator replaced the switchers with 16 KD-IP822ENC 4K UHD AV over IP Encoders and 16 KD-IP922DEC 4K UHD AV over IP Decoders from Key Digital, along with the 48-port PoE+ switch, creating a managed gigabit network to enable 4K/Ultra HD matrix switched video distribution and signal extension. The KD-IP822ENC encoders accept HDMI inputs (with a local pass-through), bidirectional IR and RS-232 control signal interface via Phoenix connectors, along with TCP/IP control systems compatibility. After encoding, signals are delivered through a single PoE Ethernet connection network switch for routing to the desired KD-IP922DEC dual LAN port decoder, each of which offer with HDMI output, complementary control options and analog audio outputs.

In addition, the bar owner opted to implement Key Digital’s Compass Control® Pro software, a simple plug-and-play solution for complete iPad control and signal management of the system, including Compass Control compliant gear from a diverse and wide number of brands. “Murdy’s is able to connect any source to any output just by moving the icons on the iPad,” says Gonzalez. “That means audio and video can be easily reconfigured for any use of the venue, from regular nights to special occasions, such as connecting the DJ booth. In that way, Key Digital’s technology has a real economic impact.”

The new infrastructure also allows access to new streaming-content sources, including Apple TV and Roku, keeping Murdy’s at the cutting edge of content. “We were able to do all of that with far less cabling, replacing it with single runs of Cat-6 in many cases, and reducing cable-run lengths, which improves the audio and video experience with a crisper picture and sharper sound. And the new infrastructure is ready for future expansion, such as the video wall the owner has under consideration. Just a few components from Key Digital made a huge and positive difference here.”


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Photo File 1: Murdys_bar.jpg

Photo Caption 1:  Key Digital AV over IP hardware enable a managed gigabit network to provide 4K/Ultra HD matrix switched video distribution and signal extension at Murdy’s sports bar in Corpus Christi, TX


Photo File 2: KeyDigital_KD-IP922DEC.jpg

Photo Caption 2: Key Digital AV over IP hardware encoders and decoders power a 16x16 matrix that feeds screens throughout Murdy’s sports bar in Corpus Christi, TX


Photo File 3: Murdys_gaming.jpg

Photo Caption 3: The 17 screens at Murdy’s are fed from a 16x16 matrix built from Key Digital encoders and decoders managed by an iPad running the intuitive Key Digital Compass Control Pro app

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Key Digital AV over IP hardware enable a managed gigabit network to provide 4K/Ultra HD matrix switched video distribution and signal extension at Murdy’s sports bar in Corpus Christi, TX


Key Digital Components Remake the AV Infrastructure at Murdy’s in Corpus Christi

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