CodeSee Launches First-of-its-Kind Code Visibility Platform for the Enterprise

CodeSee Enterprise Makes It Easier Than Ever to Visualize and Automate Code Knowledge Across the Entire Lifecycle

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CodeSee, the world’s only code visibility platform that detects, visualizes, and automates code for a maintainable, resilient codebase, today announced the launch of CodeSee Enterprise, which allows developers to create a Google Maps like experience for their code workflow. CodeSee breaks open the codebase black box and lets developers map their code and services throughout the code lifecycle from discovery and planning, to development and code review, through to production and into the future with code automation.

“Today’s release reflects a vision we’ve had for CodeSee since day one–that we want to end the long-standing truth that our code is not easily accessible and the only way to understand it is to read it line by line. CodeSee is the workflow platform that finally allows developers to immerse themselves with important knowledge about their code–no matter when they begin work on a code base,” said Shanea Leven, co-founder and CEO of CodeSee. “Developers today are expected to ship more code faster and with the highest quality - a tool is needed that helps pull the ideas out of the head of developers and onto the screen for team discussion and execution. Code visibility is observability for development.”

CodeSee Enterprise: Like Google Maps for your code workflow
The CodeSee platform helps developers around the globe visualize, detect, and automate code for better onboarding, code reviews, code quality, and compliance. With today’s announcement, CodeSee is now bringing this visibility to the enterprise – creating a Google Maps like experience to the code workflow. Key highlights of CodeSee Enterprise include:

  • Services - The CodeSee platform introduces a new way to visualize services throughout the organization, the connections between them, their APIs, as well as any 3rd party APIs being used — and link each element to the underlying code. With CodeSee, every connection between services is automatically detected, visualized, and linked to the code, so developers can confidently make changes across services.
  • Code Automation - Companies can add CodeSee’s new Code Automation features to codify and automate the code knowledge that is typically passed around verbally from developer to developer, or maintained in stale documentation. Development teams depend on this knowledge to follow existing patterns, avoid gotchas, be aware of sensitive parts of the codebase, or kick-off compliance processes when needed.
  • Governance - CodeSee now has an additional suite of governance features for both the business and enterprise tiers including allowing teams to Enforced SSO organization-wide, disabling public maps, allowing only users with approved domains to join, ensuring that both developers and IT teams are experiencing the value of CodeSee.
  • On premise - For larger organizations, CodeSee has made an on prem option available to ensure the largest organizations can take part of the code visibility movement.

Supporting Quotes

  • “CodeSee Enterprise is perfect for large software teams that care about working together to ship code efficiently. It lets Distribute Aid's dev team take our open-source collaborations to a whole new level, by making it easy to share Maps across the team, understand changes in pull requests, and automatically assign the right reviewer using Automations. The additional security controls make it safe and easy for our maintainers to manage access, and we even set up an automatic welcome message and tag me in so I can personally thank new contributors!” - Taylor Fairbank, co-founder of Distribute
  • “As a team working in a fully remote and often async fashion, we are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency. We've found that CodeSee's platform has helped us quickly understand the scope and impact of code reviews and pull requests.” - Ryan Tyer, VP of engineering at
  • “We’re strong believers in the power of code visibility tools like CodeSee as over 70% of companies with more than 1000 employees have or will have a micro service architecture, CodeSee is perfectly positioned to not only visualize how your services talk to each other but how your services connect to your code and automate that understanding in the process. The next era of developer tools is here and we’re proud to continue supporting them.” - Andy McLoughlin, managing partner at Uncork Capital

Since its inception in 2019, CodeSee has demonstrated unprecedented growth and momentum, from users around the globe. Over the last year, the company has announced more than $10 million in funding and received several industry awards and accolades. The company was recently named by CRN as one of ‘The 10 Hottest DevOps Startups Of 2022’, named an InfoWorld 2022 ‘Technology of the Year Award’ winner, and was recognized as one of the ‘20 Rising Stars’ as part of the Forbes 2021 Cloud 100 list.

To learn more about CodeSee Enterprise, please visit and join over ten thousand developers in CodeSee’s Open Source Hub community where they visualize open source repos or on

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