Using Price Comparison Sites, IMEX Holding Predicts Customer Behavior

KELOWNA, British Columbia, Sept. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After the Covid-19 pandemic, the retail sector has significantly changed and e-commerce investments that could be made in a few years have been completed in just a few months. Besides, new technological developments and digital transformations have closely influenced consumer habits in e-commerce shopping. While price comparison sites took the front seat in this manner, user comments and social media posts shaped trends as well. One of the biggest retail and mass product trade companies in Europe, IMEX Holding took into account these new trends and has managed to use the existing alterations to its advantage, according to company CEO Martin William Edelberg Sorensen.

Despite the economic crisis, electronic product variety has rocketed, and new solutions have been created for consumers in recent years. According to the Online Advertising Search, conducted by Statista, 104.8 billion dollars was spent on search advertising across the world in 2021, and the effect of search engines on buying decisions has expanded. The fact that more people used online comparison platforms made the leading distributors like IMEX Holding focus more on the most reliable and requested products.

What are the Factors that Guide E-Commerce Traffic?

It was found in the Europe Digital Advertising Report Germany, France and the United Kingdom were among the top 10 biggest countries in the world's digital advertising market in 2021. The report showed that Western Europe spent 82.62 billion dollars in advertising and overtook Central and Eastern Europe's 6.75 billion-dollar worth of i̇nternet expenses. Company CEO Sorensen described IMEX Holding as "the most reliable partner for high-technology products" and highlighted that the pandemic was a milestone for technological developments. 

He went on to say that after the pandemic, internet connection improved and more individuals began to favor online shopping. While the use of internet search engines and price comparison sites increased, most firms' digital exposure became a problem. Advertising spending is skyrocketing around the world, and user feedback influences final purchasing decisions. IMEX Holding continuously monitors this process and provides the most dependable goods to meet evolving client habits.

How do Price Comparison Sites Shape Consumers' Behaviors? 

Highlighting that the ongoing advertising expenses throughout the world critically affect buying decisions, Sorensen also pointed out that price comparison sites contribute to shaping the electronic product trades. 

"Internet users are now much more informed about making e-commerce decisions. Price comparison sites, which helped customers to find similar products for different cost alternatives, became quite popular in recent years. These platforms have an impact on changing working standards for many giant companies such as ours. We have succeeded in protecting our leading position in the sector by following customer needs and expectations. Thanks to the traffic in price comparison sites, we can analyze shopping behaviors in detail and predict the inclinations priorly, thereby we carry ourselves to the future constantly." 

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