DevOps Automation Platform Zeet Raises $4.3M Seed Funding Led by Sequoia Capital with Participation from Race Capital

Zeet is a simple interface for developers to make the most of their cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zeet, the integrated DevOps and deployment platform for software developers, today announced it has closed on a $4.3 million seed funding round led by Sequoia Capital, with participation from existing investor Race Capital as well as engineering leaders from AWS, Google, Twitch,, Yelp, Sentry and more. Zeet intends to use the proceeds to accelerate its hiring process as the company continues to attract more customers and developers to its cloud-native DevOps platform.

In the increasingly complicated world of cloud computing, Zeet provides a simple interface for developers to make the most of their cloud. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Zeet operates existing enterprise tooling and cloud services like AWS Lambda, AWS RDS, Kubernetes, Prometheus, KNative, and Keda across AWS and the Google Cloud Platform, so developers can focus on building products with confidence without worrying about how their applications are running. Additionally, since Zeet runs in the customers’ cloud accounts, DevOps engineers are able to bring the tools they’re already familiar with to manage their infrastructure. Zeet’s Heroku-like interface allows any application engineer to easily create infrastructure, generate CI/CD pipelines, provision SSL certificates, and scale their services.

With support for multiple clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services, DigitalOcean, Coreweave, and more, Zeet allows developers to move applications between clouds, reduce latency, and utilize specialized services from each cloud.

“Zeet was founded to level the playing field for engineering teams and companies," said Johnny Dallas, founder and CEO of Zeet. “Our platform allows any developer to get FAANG-quality infrastructure at the push of a button, and is already trusted by more than 18,000 developers. With this funding, we will continue to scale out our own engineering team and achieve our ambitious product roadmap. We plan to add compatibility for many more types of infrastructure resources, starting with Terraform and Helm chart deployments, as well as make more complex full-stack integrations like canary deployments and end-to-end tracing a breeze for any team.”

Zeet’s two founders, Johnny Dallas, 20, and Zihao Zhang, 25, met in 2018 at Bebo, which was later acquired by Amazon’s Twitch. Dallas remains the youngest-ever AWS re:Invent speaker, after his 2018 talk describing the internal developer platform built by the pair which helped Bebo scale to every available AWS region, and manage thousands of concurrent machines without any full-time SRE team. After being escorted in to the casino venue by Amazon security due to his age, Dallas later became the youngest engineer to have worked at Amazon.

“As cloud infrastructure has grown and matured over the past decade, it has become a bewildering array of services, each one with its own menu of configuration options. The whole point of cloud was not to think about infrastructure, yet developers have to spend non-trivial time learning and configuring cloud infrastructure," said Bogomil Balkansky, partner at Sequoia. "Zeet is a great way to get back to the original promise of cloud: a simple and elegant experience abstracting a rich set of services. We are thrilled to support the Zeet founders in their journey."

“Democratizing server application deployment is key to the continued proliferation of web computing. Without any doubt, Johnny and Zeet are the answer to cost, risks, security, deployment optimization and scaling,” said Alfred Chuang, partner at Race Capital. “Any company looking to scale on the cloud will need Zeet, which is one of the many reasons we found this to be a critical investment. I am excited to partner with Johnny and the team.”

“Zeet has made it so every engineer can focus on writing applications, without thinking about infrastructure. Instead of all the pressure of deployment falling onto one team, everyone is able to use Zeet on their own without any supervision needed,” says Jake Loo, CTO of Thirdweb. “It serves everyone, no matter their skill level - our entry-level engineers don't have to be experts, and our cloud experts can build on top of Zeet to make their job easier. I don’t think we could go back to the old way.”

About Zeet

Zeet is an all-in-one automated DevOps platform across the major public cloud vendors. Zeet empowers developers to ship in minutes, scale to millions of users, and deploy across multiple cloud vendors. For more information or a demo, please visit: and follow Zeet on Twitter.

About Race Capital

Race Capital is an early-stage venture fund focused on investing in exceptional founders who are building market-transforming companies in the data, enterprise, infrastructure, and fintech sectors. Our team are seed investors in Databricks, Solana, FTX,, Zeet, and many other great companies. For more information, visit

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How Zeet Works

Zeet How-to

To use Zeet, you simply authorize your cloud account and select a Github repository. Zeet automatically provisions resources within your account, configures a CI/CD pipeline, and provides a production-ready endpoint to your project in minutes. Zeet’s Web UI makes it simple for any application developer to quickly assess the status of an environment - no DevOps knowledge needed.

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