Turing Reports Streamlined Account-Based Marketing Success with CloseFactor

The Talent Cloud tech unicorn leverages CloseFactor’s platform to automate customer account prioritization and more efficiently convert sales opportunities with unmatched contextual insights

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CloseFactor today announced that Turing, the AI-powered platform connecting leading companies across various industries with the world’s largest pool of vetted software developers, is successfully deploying CloseFactor to accelerate account-based marketing (ABM) and the prioritization and qualification of target accounts for sales.

Turing has revolutionized how organizations across industries hire top developer talent by harnessing powerful AI capabilities to source, vet, and match nearly two million developers worldwide to businesses that need them. Turing customers quickly find qualified software developers with the skillsets best suited to their open positions, saving them significant time and expenses. With continuing momentum toward remote workplaces—particularly for developer roles—Turing’s proven expertise in optimizing the remote hiring journey for its customers is increasingly beneficial. To capitalize on demand growth, the fast-scaling unicorn needed to rapidly prioritize and qualify accounts and personas within this massive addressable market. Getting this right would enable Turing to increase the efficiency of its ABM efforts and drive greater pipeline growth.

Turing implemented the CloseFactor platform, leveraging the AI/ML-powered solution to unlock granular visibility into the current hiring activity and pain points among Turing’s potential customers. With this visibility, Turing gained the insights required to understand the needs of its high-priority accounts, helping them continuously identify the right buyer personas and the context of their organizational initiatives for Turing to target tailored outreach. Turing’s ABM and sales teams have been successfully utilizing CloseFactor’s unique capabilities to prioritize the highest-potential accounts and take the fastest route to successfully engaging—and converting—those customers.

CloseFactor’s automation has also eliminated manual and often-tedious efforts by Turing sales account executives, who no longer need to manually examine accounts one at a time to identify organizations actively seeking developer staff augmentation. Instead, account executives can now focus on prospecting, leveraging CloseFactor to automatically create outbound sales target lists instantly. Using CloseFactor also frees up Turing’s ABM team to focus more acutely on current account expansions and has enabled Turing to achieve a much higher return from its pipeline.

“CloseFactor’s efficient, automated, data-driven platform takes the guesswork out of our ABM and sales teams’ account prioritization,” said David No, Director of Account-Based Marketing, Turing. “Just like our own solution, CloseFactor understands the power that AI can wield to solve key inefficiencies within the broader B2B technology marketplace. The platform gives us clear insights to approach the right customers knowing the full context of their needs. That downhill process has absolutely transformed our sales and ABM effectiveness.”

“Turing’s groundbreaking B2B technology, rapid growth trajectory, and vast addressable market make the company a perfect pairing for our platform,” said Ben Cheung, co-founder & COO of CloseFactor. “We’re proud to provide the AI/ML-powered automation to streamline and focus Turing’s marketing and sales activities, and to help expedite customer conversion via a complete contextual understanding of those opportunities.”

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About CloseFactor

CloseFactor uses machine learning to automatically curate unstructured information about companies and extract meaningful intelligence that go-to-market teams can act on. With this intelligence, we help companies identify their best customers, empower their sales forces at scale, and exceed growth expectations.

About Turing

Turing is leading the Talent Cloud category with the world’s largest vetted pool of developers. The company’s Intelligent Talent Cloud uses AI to source, vet, match and manage nearly two million developers and engineers worldwide, empowering companies to quickly hire high-quality engineering teams at the touch of a button. Turing counts a broad range of industry-leading companies among its customers, including Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Disney, Rivian, and OpenAI. The company has received numerous awards including Forbes “America’s Best Startup Employers,” The Information’s “Top 50 Most Promising B2B Startups,” and Fast Company’s Annual List of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies.” Turing has raised over $140 million from investors, including WestBridge Capital, Foundation Capital, Stanford StartX and executives from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, and its last round was on a $4 Billion valuation cap. To learn more about Turing visit turing.com.

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