Korean-American filmmaker Jason Park brings full-throttle action of the Tuner Car community to life in the action-thriller 'Four Amigos'

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ATLANTA, Sept. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Korean-American filmmaker Jason Park makes his action film directorial debut in the edge-of-your-seat thriller “Four Amigos,” through his production company, Hypatude Productions LLC, with a stellar cast featuring: Jason Park, Rex Park: Curse of the Golden Buddha, 96 Minutes; Luka Dingess, Legacies, Outer Banks, Emperor; Brandon Dunlap, Rex Park: Curse of the Golden Buddha, Maid to Order; Chozy Aiyub, The Haves & Have Nots, The Encounter; Rachel Sanchez, L.A. Series; Dorothea Baumgard, St. Gabriel, Church of the Assassins; and Christopher Deon, Church of Assassins, When Two Fall.

Distributed by Buffalo 8, the film is high-octane thriller surrounding the camaraderie, commitment, and friendship of four friends in the Atlanta tuner car community known as the Four Amigos. The film navigates the allegiance to family, friendship, and relationships against the backdrop of a dangerous cartel heist gone wrong. Emotional, Inspiring and Thought Provoking, a story of hope triumphing over despair, of courage and faith overcoming fear and the love and support of family prevailing over adversity.

Park’s goal was to introduce a homage to his love of tuner car culture and the tuner car community through the lens of four best friends who take the saying “ride or die” to a new level! As lead protagonist, Park dismantles preconceptions and stereotypical tropes. Ace, played by Park is an Asian man driven by love of friends, family, and the Tuner community walking a morally ambiguous tightrope. Through the Director’s dynamic multidimensional approach, we root for Ace until the last scene without preconceived expectations based on race or ethnicity.

States Park, "The tuner car culture was an integral part of my life, and Four Amigos was the perfect vehicle to showcase the Tuner car community as vibrant, supportive and welcoming to all. A love for cars is a common trait that unites Tuners."

Hypatude Productions LLC is an American independent film production company, located in Atlanta, GA. Established in 2019, it delivers unique films embarking on changing the perception of ethnic groups in American Cinema.

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