New iPhone 14 Cases From One Of The Oldest Case Makers

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SAN DIEGO, Sept. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With a new iPhone series release you can expect a bunch of new cases hitting the market. With all of the color and style options available choosing the right case can be overbearing. Why not choose a case from a company that has been designing cases since the first iPhone?

If you haven’t heard of elago, they are a well-established design company that has been operating out of San Diego, California since 2002. As a design company, elago focuses on creating things from scratch that are useful and beautiful. elago's designers are instructed to create products that they themselves would love to use. In doing so, they are confident that when a product reaches a customer's hands, the customer will fall in love with it.

For years elago’s silicone cases have been ranked on the top 100 on Amazon. The silicone case comes in both a basic style and a magnetic style – the magnetic style being compatible with MagSafe. Both cases are made with liquid silicone to ensure excellent grip with a nice feel. Year after year elago has been improving the silicone cases to be better and last longer – making sure that you get the most bang for your buck. Get the same quality as Apple’s cases but at half the price.
Silicone Cases

Magnetic Silicone Case

If you have been an elago fan for a while, you may remember the Glide case from the iPhone 5 era. elago was the first to introduce a two-toned case to the world with the Glide case in 2012. For the first time ever, your phone case could be better used to mix and match with your day-to-day fashion or to show off the colors of your favorite sports team. In 2021 elago revamped their classic design that changed the industry forever. Staying true to the dual tone, the improved Glide case brought back all the classic design elements while updating the materials to enhance drop protection and durability. A splash of color was even added to the camera frame to give it even more style points.
Glide Case

Looking for something protective? elago has got you covered with the new Armor case. Military drop tested in the US, this sleek case protects your phone from everyday mishaps and is perfect for the “Every Day Carry” lifestyle. Elago designed this case to be as slim as possible without sacrificing protection. Subtle carbon fiber pattern around the sides enhances the rugged look and helps bring the look together.
Armor Case

If the Armor Case is not really your style but you still want something protective, elago’s brand new Buckler Case may be the right fit. The case is named after a type of shield due to the heavy protection that it offers; protection proven by military drop testing done in the USA. A removable layer of hard polycarbonate acts as a shield – the layer is removable to enhance drop protection and shock absorption. The case surrounding the phone is made of shock absorbent thermoplastic polyurethane with added bumpers on the corners. With a combination of all of these elements, elago is pushing the design of protective cases into a new generation.
Buckler Case

elago has been mixing materials in their cases for years to highlight the different benefits each material brings – the Dual Case being the culmination of years of research and design. Think of a slim clear case but with bulked up protection. By mixing tough polycarbonate and shock resistant thermoplastic polyurethane, we get a protective case that lets the iPhone design shine through. UV repellent resin was used to reduce the yellowing most cases go through with time. As with any of elago’s protective cases, the Dual Case was military drop tested in the USA.
Dual Case

Want the Dual Case but without all the protection? Then you want elago’s Hybrid Clear Case. The Hybrid Clear Case has been a staple in elago’s line-up year after year due to elago’s fans loving it so much! Made from durable polycarbonate and shock resistant thermoplastic polyurethane, this case offers great protection for your phone from everyday use – including protection from dirt, dust, oils, and drops. Sometimes simple is best, especially with elago’s Hybrid Clear Case that lets the original iPhone design shine through.
Hybrid Clear Case

Let’s face it – there are a lot of clear cases out there in the market today. Despite the volume of cases, not many stand out due to them all having the same design, but elago’s Urban Clear Case is built different. A unique waved pattern inside the case allows for the design of the original iPhone to shine through, but with a twist! Due to the waves, light can hit it at different angles creating a unique glow. Aside from all the standard protection that cases offer, UV repellent resin was used to reduce the yellowing effect that clear cases go through with time. Stand out from the rest with elago’s Urban Clear Case.
Urban Clear Case

Last but not least, elago’s one of a kind Pebble Case should not be overlooked. The exterior of the case is made with a special coating that is mixed with real pebbles. That’s right – you can now have a case that was made with real rocks! The interior part of the case was designed with a shock absorbing cushion pattern to help protect from day-to-day mishaps. Added camera and screen safeguard protection with comfortable grip makes this case a must have for your daily use.
Pebble Case