RHONDOS to Secure Mission-Critical SAP Data with SAP Zero Trust Framework

The RHONDOS SAP Zero Trust Framework enables proactive monitoring of SAP application log data to security teams

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RHONDOS, the leader in securing and observing SAP, in partnership with Carahsoft, Arrow, Splunk, Devo, and Elastic, announced a new standard today for SAP solutionsthe RHONDOS SAP Zero Trust Frameworkto redefine how organizations must approach management and monitoring of security in SAP systems.

Known for SAP observability and security services, RHONDOS has now established the RHONDOS SAP Zero Trust Framework, enabling organizations to immediately secure their SAP systems, remove current vulnerabilities, and safeguard against future threatsinternal and externalby building a secure and mature SAP security model in two weeks. Access to near real-time SAP monitoring gives full view of various authentication methods, database security, network and communication security, and SAP application security. To unlock this immeasurable value inside of SAP data by leveraging what RHONDOS offers for SAP security, organizations can utilize RHONDOS’ certified implementation experts who have an average of 12+ years of experience in supporting successful SAP projects. Improving accessibility to mission-critical business processes across teams should be top priority for any organization.

"For us, RHONDOS was uniquely positioned as a full-service, one-stop shop for SAP security software and implementation. Their seasoned SAP experts made the whole process simple, and we were able to get up and running in two weeks."
CISO, Largest French Language Television Broadcaster

With better visualizations, alerting capabilities, and analytics, achieving a Zero Trust foundation of security modernization is now possibleand scalablefor even the largest SAP systems. Put simply, the goal should be to achieve visibility through all layers by enabling a data platform approach. This is where SAP data is fundamental in data access for security operations.

“RHONDOS has the ability to bring data to the forefront and give full visibility into SAP systems. Without their solution to help—simply put—this level of visibility would not be feasible. We achieved 90% reduction of MTTD for critical focus areas.”
SecOps Engineer, 3M Corporation

The concept of a Zero Trust architecture is now the foundation of cybersecurity modernization. Assumptions can no longer be made about SAP data. Failing to implement a foundation of Zero Trust for SAP data will inevitably lead to:

  • Human error and incorrect access provisioning, allowing continuous unauthorized access to systems
  • Exposed inability to actively monitor and review profile policies and system security policies in real-time
  • Failed Compliance Audits and weakened SAP security posture, and
  • Millions in lost revenue due to security exploits, hacks, and/or compromised supply chains.

By bringing an SAP Zero Trust Framework to the Fortune 500, RHONDOS is essentially issuing an ultimatum on SAP security. “The largest companies in the world who haven’t yet established new standards to get as close as possible to real-time SAP monitoring and security have an ethical responsibility to do so,” states Brant Hubbard, CEO of RHONDOS.

To learn more about the RHONDOS Zero Trust Framework for SAP, read Brant Hubbard’s blog on SAP security. Next, join RHONDOS’ Solutions Architect, Brian Bates on September 14th at 11:00AM Pacific for a webinar on how to implement new standards for your SAP security in just two weeks.

The RHONDOS team is committed to partnering with you to make you the SAP hero in your organization. We secure and observe SAP data for the North American market and provide first-line support and implementation services that facilitate maximum return on investment when ingesting SAP security logs, performance metrics, and business data into your observability platform of choice. See what is now possible with SAP data at www.rhondos.com.

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