Glasswing Ventures Raises Oversubscribed $158M Fund II

Firm’s Founder-First Ethos and Strategy of Investing in Early-Stage AI-enabled Enterprise and Frontier Technology Startups Receives Strong Support from Institutional Limited Partners

BOSTON, Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glasswing Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in the next generation of intelligent enterprise and frontier technology startups, today announced it raised an oversubscribed $158M Fund II. With strong support from its existing and new Limited Partners, Glasswing’s second fund is investing at the seed stage with a focus on AI-enabled early-stage enterprise and security startups and at even earlier stages with its Frontier Tech pre-seed program.

“We are open for business and are thrilled to back extraordinary and diverse founders who build world-changing and enduring companies,” said Rudina Seseri, Founder and Managing Partner. “We see a tremendous untapped opportunity for enterprise and security applications and infrastructure across sectors and we will continue to focus on partnering with future market leaders. Our disciplined investment strategy and close-knit relationships with founders fosters a culture of alignment and trust. We earn this trust by delivering customers, talent, and expertise. In doing so, we help founders, and their teams reach their maximum potential, regardless of market conditions.”

Attracting and Funding Exceptional Founders
Glasswing Ventures is a founder-first VC firm that attracts and funds exceptional entrepreneurs leading the AI revolution and tackling today’s most pressing challenges with groundbreaking technologies for the enterprise and security markets.

The majority of the founders in the Glasswing core portfolio are repeat founders, and more than 50% of these experienced entrepreneurs have worked with the Glasswing team previously. This is a testament to the firm’s ethos reflecting that Glasswing is the firm of choice for successful founders. In addition, Glasswing partners with first-time entrepreneurs with unparalleled potential for success by leveraging its access to top universities and AI/Frontier Tech research centers to fund students and academic entrepreneurs and by tapping into its vast network to fund experienced executives starting new ventures.

As part of its commitment to its early-stage focus, Glasswing is a first investor in 80% of companies across its portfolios and is the first institutional investor in 100% of portfolio companies.

Thesis-Driven Investment Strategy with Deep Domain Expertise
Glasswing Ventures is built on the deep AI enterprise and security domain expertise and proven track records of its founders Rudina Seseri and Rick Grinnell. Glasswing Ventures has expanded from its original team of four to 15, while attracting 52 globally well-renowned advisors, who are technologists, AI visionaries, successful entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 executives supporting the firm and its startup founders on an exclusive basis.

Glasswing has a disciplined, thesis-driven approach to investing in critical technologies. Within Glasswing’s Intelligent Connect Thesis, Smart Data Infrastructure, Cognitive Human Augmentation across functions, and Intelligent Verticals, such as supply chain, have a long window of opportunity with strong demand and large budgets. Within Glasswing’s Intelligent Protect Thesis, Cyber-Physical convergence, Data Security, Privacy and Compliance, and Coordinated Defense are vital technology focus areas given the threats and exploits that continue to emerge and evolve in the market.

“By coupling our disciplined and thesis-driven investment strategy, we are funding must-have technologies," said Rick Grinnell, Founder and Managing Partner. “As opportunity in the market continues to present itself, we empower our founders to effectively navigate the new landscape and build the right foundation for their success.”

The Glasswing Platform
The Glasswing Platform uplifts founders as they launch their companies, assemble powerhouse teams, acquire customers, and cross the chasm to scale. Resources ranging from proprietary growth blueprints to talent sourcing to preferred vendors help founders in the Glasswing portfolio quickly attain product-market fit to become market leaders.

Commitment to Diversity
As a majority women-owned VC firm, Glasswing has been steadfast in its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion since its inception. Glasswing’s DEI metrics far exceed VC industry standards, and the firm continues to lead by example by enabling further representation and inclusivity within its portfolio. Over 90% of Glasswing’s portfolio companies have at a minimum a woman or BIPOC C-level executive, and 47% of all employees are women or BIPOC. The firm was one of the earliest VC signatories to the UN PRI and has been featured as a case study by the organization, further demonstrating Glasswing’s commitment to DEI and ESG.

Open for Business
With Fund II, Glasswing continues its mission of funding visionary founders at the pre-seed and seed stage. Learn more at

About Glasswing Ventures:
Glasswing Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to investing in the next generation of AI and frontier technology startups that enable the rise of the intelligent enterprise. The firm was founded by visionary partners with decades of experience in these markets, a disciplined investment approach, and a strong track record of industry-leading returns. Glasswing leverages its deep domain expertise and world-leading advisory councils to invest in exceptional founders who transform markets and revolutionize industries.

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With Fund II, Glasswing continues its mission of funding visionary founders at the pre-seed and seed stage.