Wizeline Introduces Digital Skills Accelerator to help Companies Upskill In-House Tech Teams

In the midst of tech talent shortages globally, the program accelerates talent development through outcome-oriented learning services tailored to each customer’s needs.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wizeline, a global technology services provider that builds high-quality digital products and platforms, today announced the launch of its Digital Skills Accelerator, a new service offering designed to help organizations upskill and reskill their teams on the most in-demand technologies. Developed and led by Wizeline’s subject-matter experts, the learning program is tailor-made for each client’s specific needs to accelerate talent development that drives business results, improves retention and increases employee satisfaction.

“The tech landscape and the way we work are continuously changing; organizations that invest in formalized skills development programs are better prepared to meet the challenges of disruption and remain competitive. Our Digital Skills Accelerator extends Wizeline’s partnerships with clients to include customized upskilling and reskilling courses for their in-house tech teams,” said Bismarck Lepe, Founder and CEO of Wizeline. “As a company with a customer-centric approach, it is imperative for us to not only deliver exceptional digital products and solutions to clients but also equip their teams with the latest technical skills and methodologies they need to maintain, innovate and evolve their products and services.”

Digital Skills Accelerator leverages the proven educational model of Wizeline Academy — which has offered hundreds of courses to tens of thousands of students globally — to deliver a combination of tech-ed services, including consulting, program design, training and program management. The program’s methodology utilizes conceptual learning via bootcamps, workshops and online tutorials, mentorships with subject matter experts and hands-on experience on capstone projects, all with continuous assessment cycles to ensure learners grasp key concepts and develop practical skills.

“We see the program as a natural extension of the successful work we are already doing through Wizeline Academy to provide free community-based technical education and leadership training to the next generation of entrepreneurs and digital and creative professionals,” said Aníbal Abarca, Chief Technology Officer of Wizeline. “With Digital Skills Accelerator, we are applying this expertise to create a scalable, customizable program that will help our customers’ digital teams reach levels of self-sufficiency and maturity that will empower them to build and manage digital products and services with greater efficiency.”

Combining the Digital Skills Accelerator with its design and engineering services, Wizeline positions itself as a strategic partner for organizations looking to become adaptive enterprises through modernizing their entire tech ecosystems — from digital products and platforms to engineering talent and practices. Learn more about the offering at Wizeline.com.

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