Progress Empowers Developers and Designers to Easily Implement Design Systems in Their Apps and Create People-centric User Experiences

New R3 2022 release advances Progress’ position as the UI tools provider of choice with new components and enhancements for Blazor, .NET MAUI, Angular, React and more

BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Progress (Nasdaq: PRGS), the trusted provider of infrastructure software, today announced the latest release of its industry-leading developer tools portfolio, including Progress® Telerik®, Progress® Kendo UI® and Progress® Telerik® Test Studio®. With today’s R3 2022 release, Progress introduced Progress® ThemeBuilder™ Pro, enabling developers and designers to implement design systems seamlessly in web applications, delivering a greater level of design consistency without manual coding work. The company also announced advanced capabilities for the top development frameworks including Blazor, .NET MAUI, Angular and React to help developers build consistent, high-quality and accessible UI.

Implementing application design or a full-blown design system in app development requires significant coding work and is often accompanied by mistakes and misalignment between designers and developers. And once implemented, making changes across components requires significant time spent on re-coding. App development and design teams need a tool that removes this complexity and makes realizing the power of people-centric design in their apps easy and seamless.

Now available for Progress® Telerik® UI for Blazor, Progress® Kendo UI® for Angular and Progress® KendoReact™, ThemeBuilder Pro enables developers and designers to easily create their own design system in a visual interface, starting with Material, Bootstrap or Fluent design, and when done, implement this design system via their UI components, across web applications. They can make edits to themes in a visual UI without the need to go into the code, achieving in minutes what would typically take developers hours or days.  

“Delivering compelling, people-first user experiences is a major driver of success for organizations today,” said Loren Jarrett, Executive Vice President and GM of Developer Tools, Progress. “Today’s release expands the breadth and depth of our UI libraries and gives new power to development and design teams to quickly and easily deliver apps that users love, and businesses rely on.”

Telerik and Kendo UI developer tools now offer Fluent, Material and Bootstrap themes, covering the most popular design languages and giving designers and developers the frameworks they need to create engaging, accessible product experiences.

New in Telerik:

  • Progress Telerik UI for Blazor – With R3 2022, Progress is delivering the powerful PDF Viewer, Multi-Column ComboBox and Skeleton UI components. This brings the collection to a total of 100 components, making it the largest available on the market. Multiple data-bound components such as the Blazor Data Grid, TreeList and Gantt have been enhanced, ensuring flexibility and customization capabilities for developers. Progress also introduced further enhancements in the accessibility compliance level of multiple components by implementing WAI-ARIA best practices.

  • Progress® Telerik® UI for .NET MAUI – R3 2022 adds new components to the cross-platform development .NET MAUI suite, including .NET MAUI DataForm, Expander and AutoComplete. The DataGrid has been updated with currency and aggregates support, keyboard navigation and column footers. The UI library remains cutting-edge with continuous support for the latest Microsoft .NET MAUI version.

  • Across the Telerik UI portfolio covering all .NET technologies, Progress brings to market compatibility with the latest preview of .NET 7 to empower developers to utilize the latest from Microsoft in their projects.

Progress has released enhancements and new components for .NET web, mobile and desktop development across its UI libraries, including Progress® Telerik® UI for ASP.NET MVC, Progress® Telerik®  UI for ASP.NET Core, Progress® Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX, Progress® Telerik® UI for Xamarin, Progress® Telerik® UI for WinUI, Progress® Telerik® UI for WPF, Progress® Telerik® UI for WinForms. 

New in Kendo UI:

  • Progress Kendo UI for Angular: The Angular PivotGrid component has been officially launched to help developers display multidimensional data in a cross-tabular format. This offers a set of ready-to-use features, including local and remote data binding directives, built-in expanding and collapsing of row and column axes and dynamic calculation of the respective aggregates.

    Kendo UI for Angular has been expanded with the new Drag & Drop and Circular ProgressBar components. Data Grid enhancements include keyboard navigation updates, save and restore column states and max-width column property.
  • Progress® KendoReact™:New Signature component and 35 enhancements have been released across existing KendoReact components for improved accessibility to eliminate user experience barriers. Productivity tools include a new Visual Studio Code Extension featuring code snippets. All components now offer support for the latest version of TypeScript.

  • Progress® Kendo UI® for jQuery: New components include SplitButton, DropDownButton and Signature. The jQuery Data Grid continues to receive valuable enhancements to make both the developer and user experience smooth.

  • Progress® Kendo UI® for Vue: The UI suite has been expanded with new native Vue components, including TreeList, FlatColorPicker, ColorGradient, ColorPalette, ColorPicker and Badge. New Vue Data Grid enhancements include loading indicator support and in-depth examples to highlight performance and live data handling capabilities.

New in Telerik Test Studio:
Progress introduces full desktop automation support across Progress Telerik UI for WinUI, Progress Telerik UI for WPF and Progress Telerik UI for WinForms to help teams accelerate development and enhance the quality of their applications. Progress also announced a modernized UX and UI, increased test stability and extensionless test recording and execution.

New in Telerik Productivity Tools:
With today’s release, Progress delivers enhancements and new features for Progress® Telerik® Reporting, Progress® Fiddler™ Everywhere and Progress® Telerik® JustMock™. The company announced a native Blazor Report Viewer, new onboarding experience for Web Report Designer and new Fiddler root export options, among others.

The Telerik and Kendo UI R3 2022 release is available today. To learn more, visit the R3 2022 release overview page or register for the R3 2022 release webinars: Progress® Telerik® .NET Web, Desktop & Mobile Products, Progress® Kendo UI® R3 2022 Release Webinar, Progress® Telerik® Reporting, Mocking and Debugging Tools and Test Studio R3 2022.

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