Major GameFi Company Splinterlands Sells Out Card Packs in One Minute

Media, Pennsylvania, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Splinterlands ($SPS), the worldwide GameFi leader, released its newest card pack edition, Riftwatchers, onto the market on Thursday, September 15th at 2PM EDT.

Within 1 minute and 39 seconds, the company had sold out of all 500,000 packs available during their pre-sale. Within hours, members of the Splinterlands community had also purchased 30,000 of the Chaos Legion packs along with 1,300 validator node licenses, building onto the excitement of the sell out. This marked one of the largest volume sales days to date for Splinterlands.

With deflationary mechanisms designed around Riftwatchers and Validator Node License sales, all $SPS received from the sales of both assets were either immediately burned or sent to the SPS Foundation DAO. The results were staggering, with over 25 Million $SPS being taken out of circulation for good or being sent to the DAO and more than 650,000 in-game $VOUCHER tokens burned.

In a time of a persistent bear market in the Web3 space, the remarkable success of the sale stands out and indicates the strong commitment and loyalty of the Splinterlands community to the game and economy. With the company’s ongoing victories, GameFi is emerging as a serious contender in bringing Web3 technology into mainstream use cases.

Splinterlands CEO, Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, expressed his satisfaction with the sale.

“We know that we’ve created a great game here, and that our community is enthusiastic about what we are building in the Web3 space,” said Reich. “But even our greatest expectations have been surpassed in such a massive, rapid success in the Riftwatchers sale.”

“We are ecstatic,” he continued. “GameFi is here to stay.”

The company is in a time of quick expansion, announcing major partnerships this year with both Warner Music Group (WMG) and the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA). Splinterlands is set to continue its ambitious period of growth with additional announcements of both a Splinterlands Tower Defense game and their newest NFT project, Runi, which will see Splinterlands expand its interoperability onto the Ethereum blockchain. 

About Splinterlands:

Splinterlands, the fantasy-themed battle game founded by Jesse “Aggroed” Reich and Matt Rosen in 2018, is the current worldwide leading blockchain game. Based around groundbreaking Web 3.0 technology, the game is continuing its steady growth in 2022, now boasting more than 2.4M users, 1M active wallets, and between 3-5M blockchain transactions daily.  It recently surpassed the significant milestone of 3 billion battles, and its growing community operates in 149 countries and 10 languages.  Due to the unique capacities made possible by the cryptocurrency industry, the Splinterlands interface allows players to own, hold, and trade assets inside of the game, and win real rewards as they go, offering gamers innovative and exciting ways to engage online. Visit for more information.


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