Delivers Deeper Insights into Cloud Data Adoptions with Fivetran Partnership

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, the enterprise data catalog for the modern data stack, today announced a partnership with Fivetran, the global leader in modern data integration, to increase the speed and efficiency of cloud data adoptions. Together, and Fivetran deliver significant benefits to enterprises moving to a modern data stack, including:

  • Accelerated ROI – In order to realize the quickest return on their cloud data investments, organizations must have insight into the assets that need to be migrated and the ability to monitor the progress of the migration. leverages the Fivetran Metadata API to track data “in-flight” from source to destination, increasing efficiencies and minimizing strain on data engineers.

  • End-to-end pipeline visibility – Governance teams seeking an easy and automated top-down view of their data and analytics ecosystems need data lineage to understand how data has been transformed and by whom. Eureka Explorer™,’s automated lineage viewer, displays technical details of how sources and individual data elements are transformed using Fivetran and how those data elements connect to business concepts, metrics, people, and decisions.

  • Plug-and-play data governance – When deploying new workloads to the cloud, it is critical that data access, policies, and metadata remain consistent throughout the process. Together, and Fivetran allow governance teams to create and manage rules according to user role, workflows, and access, expediting tasks without jeopardizing data integrity.

“A dilemma many enterprise data leaders face as they lean into a cloud data migration is when to introduce a data catalog,” said Jon Loyens, co-founder and chief product officer at “Although it’s tempting to migrate all of your data to the warehouse first and worry about discovery and governance later, we believe it is best done in tandem. Implementing a data catalog early allows you to enable coordinated, consistent, and centralized work, ensuring the successful adoption of your cloud data platform.”

“Fivetran plays an integral role in making it easy to adopt modern technologies,” added Joseph deBuzna, vice president, product management, enterprise & databases at Fivetran. “We know that successful cloud adoption requires an understanding of what data you have, where it’s from, how it changes, and how it’s used. Our partnership and native integration with simplifies the process for our joint customers by centralizing discovery, governance, access and analysis of enterprise data.”

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