Loadsmart’s First-of-its-kind MercuryGate LTL Integration Provides Cost Savings and Mode Options for Shippers

MercuryGate shippers now have access to dynamic, volume-based rates with Loadsmart’s LTL integration

CHICAGO, Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Loadsmart, a leading freight technology company, today announced that enterprise shippers can now access dynamic, volume-based LTL rates via TMS integration with MercuryGate, the largest independent Transportation Management System (TMS) provider.

The integration benefits large enterprise shippers who have multiple shipments a day and don’t typically have time for price discovery. MercuryGate customers can now secure supplemental LTL pricing and capacity based on Loadsmart’s carrier partners’ network needs. The integration leverages an API connection with carriers, which is key to providing dynamic and linear foot LTL pricing.

“Over the past couple of years, some LTL carriers have shifted away from static pricing models based on freight classifications to dynamic pricing models derived from actual density, space, and network needs,” said Sam Belt, Loadsmart’s Director of LTL Sales and Strategy. “At the same time, unprecedented LTL demand throughout the pandemic has allowed providers to be more selective with who they work with. As costs rise, there still isn’t a time and cost-effective way to aggregate multiple providers and compare costs and service.”

Loadsmart’s LTL integration enables shippers who utilize MercuryGate as their transportation management system provider to reduce spend on non-critical shipments by leveraging an LTL carriers’ linehaul needs, which can drastically reduce costs.

“We are proud to expand our existing partnership with Loadsmart by now offering LTL integration in addition to the FTL options MercuryGate provides to our enterprise shippers through our TMS,” said MercuryGate Chief Strategy Officer Jeffrey Varon. “Identifying options to save costs and create efficiencies is a focal point for MercuryGate and Loadsmart because we know that if we help our customers improve decision-making and capacity utilization, both shippers and carriers can realize greater success.”

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