Sibros Introduces Industry First Software-Related Vehicle Recalls Dashboard to Highlight the Impact of Software Defects by Vehicle Makes and Electronic Components

Sibros has launched highlighting the impact of software defects in pursuit of its vision to eradicate software-related recalls by 2032

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Connected vehicle software company Sibros today unveiled the industry’s first software-related recalls analytics dashboard today, Sibros’ dashboard was created in pursuit of its vision of a net zero software defects future in the next 10 years, thus eradicating all software-related vehicle recalls by 2032.

Vehicle recalls are a continued safety, cost- and time-intensive challenge in the automotive sector. Sibros states through ongoing Over-the-Air (OTA) software management innovations, connected vehicle data, and industry partnerships, all software-related recalls could be eradicated by 2032. According to a research report from Stout, data confirms for the calendar year 2021, approximately 29 million vehicles were recalled in the U.S., with 6 million due to software or electronic component related defects.

Sibros’ analysis stems from its mission to connect and manage all software and data between vehicles, networks and the cloud, to help OEMs deliver new safety, security and feature upgrades, alongside software recall fixes, both remotely and at scale. The company’s desire is to connect vehicle infrastructure with innovative end-to-end software, making mobility systems and automobiles safer and more reliable, reducing vehicle downtime, leading to more efficient journeys and vehicle ownership for drivers and fleet owners.

“It may seem ambitious, but with global OEMs looking to eradicate the internal combustion engine and lean on electric power for more efficient powertrains, this forms an opportunity for OTA services to take the lead, ensuring these vehicles and systems are more efficient on the road,” said Hemant Sikaria, CEO and co-founder of Sibros. “Millions of vehicles in the U.S. have been affected by safety recalls so far in 2022. Not all are software-related, but when looking at the data, you can see that software recalls impact some of the largest OEMs and, as a result, millions of vehicles. That’s what we see with the OTA opportunity. We want to stop vehicles being recalled due to software defects alone and we know it’s possible.”

“Not all hardware recalls can be fixed with a push of a button, but software-related issues can be mitigated sooner with the help of a vehicle-wide remote software management solution that utilizes connected vehicle data to sense and fix defects before and when they do occur. That’s why Sibros is looking to the future with a vision that, by 2032, software-related vehicle recalls can be a thing of the past. To do this, OEMs, suppliers, and systems must rethink how they approach the production process and their organizational DNA with a software-first mindset,” continued Sikaria.

Sibros’ vision to eradicate all vehicle recalls caused by software issues alone is highlighted with its recently launched, stand-alone vehicle recall tracker website, The dashboard currently offers data for the U.S. market, with plans to expand datasets from additional major vehicle markets in the future.

For example, on the dashboard, users can see that 5.6 million vehicles have been recalled year-to-date for software-based or electronic components, versus 4 million units in the prior period for 2021, constituting a 9% increase year-over-year. This sharp uptick is commensurate with the overall increase in software-defined vehicle design and can be expected to rise as all OEMs, old and new, accelerate production of their electric models and fleets.

Sibros believes that due to the growing availability of connected technologies, global capabilities, and the growing use of embedded OTA products, such as Sibros’ OTA Deep Updater and OTA Deep Logger, this figure can sharply reduce to net zero by 2032.

Today, numerous automotive OEMs across all mobility segments are adopting Sibros’ connected vehicle products, such as OTA Deep Updater, OTA Deep Logger and OTA Command Manager, to support the next generation of their software-defined vehicles and remove the pains of software integration and management across the entire vehicle life cycle.

Sibros’ products allow automobile manufacturers to collect precision data, diagnose problems and update software with fixes to any electronic control unit in a safe and secure manner. When these systems are installed, it helps negate or stop (depending on the type of recall i.e., software or hardware) vehicle downtime and reduce unnecessary trips to service centers.

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