The Energy Corridor District is Redefining Energy for a Vibrant Business Community to Work, Live and Thrive

HOUSTON, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Energy Corridor District is redefining energy to position this critical business district and economic hub for continued growth. Houston's energy and commercial real estate sectors are innovating and transitioning to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business world, and the District is leading the way.

Long the heart and soul of Houston's robust energy sector, the Energy Corridor is a leader in the global transition of energy and is primed for continued leadership in the Energy Capital of the World.

In a sweeping effort to reposition the Energy Corridor for additional growth, the District will showcase itself as the pioneering home to a full-spectrum of energy companies of all sizes. The District is redefining energy through visionary leadership, which advances the redevelopment of commercial properties into mixed-use and walkable spaces. The District is also focusing on placemaking, increasing accessibility and improving infrastructure. These combined efforts strengthen the District's competitive leadership and expand the Energy Corridor's impact on the various communities within its boundaries.

The Energy Corridor District's Executive Director, Elijah J. Williams said, "The District is taking a comprehensive approach to redefining energy within the Energy Corridor. Some efforts will be short-term, while others will require sustained efforts and investments guided by partnerships." 

"The Energy Corridor is well-positioned to continue its leadership role in advancing Houston as the Energy Capital of the World. Our efforts are focused on the District's critical drivers—the energy sector, complementary industries, infrastructure, and placemaking to ensure the area remains a critical business and economic hub for the region," Williams said.

Redefining energy in The Energy Corridor District creates a destination environment that will attract a skilled workforce, vibrant people, and diverse companies, both within the energy sector and outside of it to work, live and thrive.

"Already, we are seeing strong interest in the Energy Corridor, with the recent relocations of companies like Kiewit, Enbridge, and Baker Hughes to the District. Plans for future mixed-use developments and other District-led placemaking opportunities will further support our business community's ability to be innovative and attract a talented workforce," Williams said.

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About The Energy Corridor District

The Energy Corridor District is an advocate for one of Houston's premier business centers and destinations. Established in 2001 by the Texas Legislature as Harris County Improvement District #4, the District was created to promote, develop and encourage commerce, transportation, housing, recreation, arts, entertainment, and economic development. In addition, the Energy Corridor District maintains employment and nurtures safety and public welfare within its boundaries.

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