Datasea Reports Full Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Results with Record Sales Orders and Revenue

BEIJING, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Datasea Inc. (NASDAQ: DTSS) (“Datasea” or the “Company”), incorporated in Nevada in September 2014, is a digital technology corporation engaged in three converging and innovative business segments: 5G messaging, acoustic intelligence, and smart city in China, today announced financial results for its full fiscal year ended June 30, 2022, and provided an update on its key strategic and operational initiatives. The Company will host a conference call and webcast to discuss its financial results today at 9 a.m. ET (9 p.m. Beijing and Hong Kong Time).

“This year marked an important moment in Datasea’s history. We launched 5G messaging solutions and introduced acoustic intelligence to the market, which combined with our original smart city offerings, broadened the ecosystem and expanded the total addressable market,” said Zhixin Liu, CEO of Datasea.

Mrs. Liu continued, “Our business revenue for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2022 continued to be strong at 9,653% compared to the fiscal year ended June 30, 2021, mainly driven by the 5G messaging business. The investments we have made in both technology and product rollouts in promising areas are enhancing our competitive positioning, and will also add new revenue resources, such as the acoustic intelligence business, in the new fiscal year. Our growth strategies are designed to fortify our position and build on our market share gains including our efforts around key product innovation, effective marketing and merchandising strategies, and productivity improvement.”

Full Year Financial Highlights

  • Revenue was $17,080,911 for the year ended June 30, 2022, compared to $175,138 for the year ended June 30, 2021, representing an increase of $16,905,773, or 9,653%.
  • Gross profit was $955,673 for the year ended June 30, 2022, compared to $94,003. for the year ended June 30, 2021, representing an increase of $861,670 or 917%. The increase in gross profit was mainly due to the delivery of services related to the 5G SMS service platform in 2022.
  • R&D expenses were $1,259,739 for the year ended June 30, 2022, compared to $851,839 for the year ended June 30, 2021.
  • Approximately $41.72 million worth of 5G messaging business contracts have been signed, which the company expects to receive in increments over the course of the next fiscal year however there cannot be any assurance of when the full amount will be received if at all.

Full Year Business Highlights

5G Messaging

  • Client expansion. Datasea’s 5G messaging solutions have been adopted by leading companies across 11 industries, including express, health care, retail, tourism and more.
  • Marketing and sales expansion. Datasea is one of the first movers in the 5G messaging industry and has built a comprehensive 5G messaging product portfolio with high brand recognition. The Company adopted an integrated sales strategy to boost sales to better promote business development and meet with the demand of customers, which includes 1) an expansion of the sales team for direct sales; 2) partner and broker mode; 3) joint marketing mode; 4) the enterprise key customer project cooperation mode.
  • Industry recognition. As an industry leader, Datasea has been actively involved in the discussion and formulation of 5G messaging regulations and application standards. In March 2022, Datasea joined SF Express in the drafting of the “5G Messaging Blue Book” on the express industry initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Institute. In June 2022, Datasea participated in the drafting of the "5G Messaging Development White Paper" jointly issued by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology and the China Association of Communication Enterprises.

Acoustic Intelligence

Datasea is an acoustic intelligence trailblazer and aims to introduce this cutting-edge technology and its applications to China and the world. Company demonstrated the commercial potential of acoustic intelligence, through direct sales of acoustic intelligence powered disinfection equipment and agreements with different businesses to apply acoustic intelligence in the areas such as automotive systems and smart home appliances.

  • Client expansion. The Company worked with Shanghai Zhuifeng Automotive System Co., Ltd to promote the acoustic intelligent module products in vehicle application scenarios. Datasea added Jiangsu Xinrong Network Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. as a new customer of acoustic intelligence powered disinfection equipment and the total value of the engagement would be RMB 20 million (approximately USD 3.14 million) over the course of the two-year agreement.
  • Marketing and sales expansion. Datasea's acoustic intelligent products are provided to businesses and retail customers. Datasea developed partnerships on innovation and joint research and development to explore new opportunities. Examples include using acoustic intelligence in precision manufacturing, home appliances and other industries. Other than Chinese market, Datasea also formed partnerships with companies like Unicorner LLC and Shenzhen New Route Network Technology to expand distribution in global market.
  • Industry recognition. Datasea released China’s inaugural white paper with co-authors, to uncover detailed facts and compelling analyses of the acoustic-intelligence technology, commercial applications, and the industry outlook. Datasea’s acoustic intelligence technology has obtained nine software copyrights from the Government of China, and seven patents from the Government of China related to acoustic intelligence powered disinfection technology are pending approval.

Smart City

  • Client expansion. The Company provided smart city solutions to office buildings, schools, and residential communities. Agreement with Eastcom Smart Chain (Beijing)
  • Product update. The Company recently laid out a series of upgrades, including an all-in-one machine to provide functions including temperature measurement and health code reading, IoT cloud platform 2.0 and Campus Security Cloud System to meet with the client needs in different scenarios and enhance the system’s analysis efficiency and integration capability.

Webcast and Conference Call Information

The Company will host a conference call and webcast to discuss its financial results today at 9 a.m. ET (9 p.m. Beijing and Hong Kong Time).

Dial-in details for the earnings conference call are as follows:
Toll Free: 1-877-451-6152
Toll/International: 1-201-389-0879

Participants should dial-in at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. Additionally, a live and archived webcast of the conference call will be available at:

A replay of the conference call will be accessible approximately soon after the conclusion of the live, by dialing the following telephone numbers:
Toll Free: 1-844-512-2921
Toll/International: 1-412-317-6671
Replay Pin Number: 13733271
Replay Start: Wednesday September 28, 2022, 12:00 PM ET
Replay Expiry: Wednesday October 5, 2022, 11:59 PM ET

About Datasea Inc.
Datasea Inc., through its variable interest entity, Shuhai Information Technology Co., Ltd., a digital technology company in China, engages in three converging and innovative industries: smart city, acoustic intelligence and 5G messaging. Datasea leverages facial recognition technology and other visual intelligence algorithms, combined with cutting-edge acoustic and non-visual intelligence algorithms, to provide smart city solutions that meet the security needs of residential communities, schools and commercial enterprises. Most recently, in response to the growing utilization of 5G technologies and the overall initiative to utilize Datasea’s technology capabilities to expand business coverage and revenue resources, Datasea has also strategically expanded business coverage to 5G messaging and smart payment solutions. Datasea has been certified as one of the High-Tech Enterprises (jointly issued by the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Finance Bureau, Beijing State Taxation Bureau and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau) and one of the Zhongguancun High Tech Enterprises (issued by the Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee) in recognition of the company’s achievement in high technology products. For additional company information, please visit: Datasea routinely posts important information on its website.

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  2022  2021 
Revenues $17,080,911  $175,138 
Cost of goods sold  16,125,238   81,135 
Gross profit  955,673   94,003 
Operating expenses        
Selling  1,358,203   568,034 
General and administrative  5,574,985   3,535,416 
Research and development  1,259,739   851,839 
Total operating expenses  8,192,927   4,955,289 
Loss from operations  (7,237,254)  (4,861,286)
Non-operating income (expenses)        
Other income (expenses)  75,075   (25,547)
Interest income  50,497   2,517 
Total non-operating income (expenses), net  125,572   (23,030)
Loss before income tax  (7,111,682)  (4,884,316)
Income tax  -   - 
Loss before noncontrolling interest  (7,111,682)  (4,884,316)
Less: loss attributable to noncontrolling interest  (589,974)  (235,839)
Net loss to the Company  (6,521,708)  (4,648,477)
Other comprehensive item        
Foreign currency translation gain attributable to the Company  10,337   103,043 
Foreign currency translation loss attributable to noncontrolling interest  (22,356)  (6,104)
Comprehensive loss attributable to the Company $(6,511,371) $(4,545,434)
Comprehensive loss attributable to noncontrolling interest $(612,330) $(241,943)
Basic and diluted net loss per share $(0.27) $(0.22)
Weighted average shares used for computing basic and diluted loss per share  23,956,393   21,279,004 


  JUNE 30, 2022  JUNE 30, 2021 
Cash $164,217  $49,676 
Accounts receivable  259,410   1,856 
Inventory  211,353   194,264 
Value-added tax prepayment  46,509   171,574 
Prepaid expenses and other current assets  575,312   468,615 
Total current assets  1,256,801   885,985 
Security deposit for rents  17,181   256,987 
Long term investment  29,800   - 
Property and equipment, net  187,831   309,408 
Intangible assets, net  1,741,791   1,092,147 
Right-of-use assets, net  522,273   1,350,590 
Total noncurrent assets  2,498,876   3,009,132 
TOTAL ASSETS $3,755,677  $3,895,117 
Accounts payable $197,573  $174,718 
Unearned revenue  289,888   189,527 
Deferred revenue  -   46,439 
Accrued expenses and other payables  994,884   561,674 
Due to related party  102,331   69,305 
Loans payable  81,950   1,486,819 
Operating lease liabilities  457,949   730,185 
Total current liabilities  2,124,575   3,258,667 
Operating lease liabilities  31,470   558,739 
Total noncurrent liabilities  31,470   558,739 
TOTAL LIABILITIES  2,156,045   3,817,406 
Common stock, $0.001 par value, 375,000,000 shares authorized,
24,324,633 and 21,474,138 shares issued and outstanding as of June 30,
2022 and 2021, respectively
  24,325   21,474 
Additional paid-in capital  20,729,559   12,086,788 
Accumulated comprehensive income  283,587   273,250 
Accumulated deficit  (18,583,566)  (12,061,858)
Noncontrolling interest  (854,273)  (241,943)
TOTAL EQUITY  1,599,632   77,711 
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY $3,755,677  $3,895,117 


  2022  2021 
Cash flows from operating activities:      
Loss including noncontrolling interest $(7,111,682) $(4,884,316)
Adjustments to reconcile loss including noncontrolling interest to net cash used in operating activities:        
Loss on disposal on fixed assets  916   9,698 
Depreciation and amortization  577,822   199,232 
Bad debt expense  284,958   277,639 
Inventory impairment  -   10,837 
Operating lease expense  863,691   809,630 
Stock compensation expense  642,000   21,000 
Changes in assets and liabilities:        
Accounts receivable  (267,771)  (613)
Inventory  (25,323)  33,169 
Value-added tax prepayment  123,313   (92,709)
Prepaid expenses and other current assets  (224,285)  (66,982)
Accounts payable  26,236   122,641 
Unearned revenue  111,689   165,462 
Deferred revenue  (46,461)  42,168 
Accrued expenses and other payables  741,328   222,808 
Payment on operating lease liabilities  (836,143)  (818,013)
Net cash used in operating activities  (5,139,712)  (3,948,349)
Cash flows from investing activities:        
Acquisition of property and equipment  (51,340)  (142,537)
Acquisition of intangible assets  (1,051,111)  (26,148)
Long-term investment  (30,973)  - 
Net cash used in investing activities  (1,133,424)  (168,685)
Cash flows from financing activities:        
Due to related parties  37,042   68,541 
(Payment) proceeds of loans payable  (1,402,336)  1,449,306 
Proceeds from capital contribution from a major shareholder  62,802   - 
Net proceeds from issuance of common stock  7,681,796   931,000 
Net cash provided by financing activities  6,379,304   2,448,847 
Effect of exchange rate changes on cash  8,373   51,927 
Net increase (decrease) in cash  114,541   (1,616,260)
Cash, beginning of year  49,676   1,665,936 
Cash, end of year $164,217  $49,676 
Supplemental disclosures of cash flow information:        
Cash paid for interest $-  $- 
Cash paid for income tax $-  $- 
Supplemental disclosures of non-cash investing and financing activities:        
Transfer of prepaid software development expenditure to intangible assets $50,000  $1,304,996 
Right-of-use assets obtained in exchange for new operating lease liabilities $-  $1,100,000 
Shares issued for accrued bonus to officers $259,023  $- 

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