GoodCell Launches “On-The-Go” Delivering Turnkey, Onsite Onboarding for 2022 Open Enrollment Season

Norwalk, CT, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GoodCell, a medically-actionable service to identify, track and manage chronic diseases and conditions impacting millions of Americans, today launched GoodCell On-The-Go (OTG), a turnkey open enrollment resource to help employees better understand and manage their health. 

GoodCell is an eligible expense for health saving and flexible spending accounts (HSAs/FSAs) and combines advanced genetic testing, comprehensive diagnostics and complementary Personal Biobanking – the storage of your own healthy cells to enable future personalized cell therapy.

“Open enrollment is a critical time for employees to learn about their benefit options including tax advantaged HSA/FSAs,” said Chris Garcia, CEO of GoodCell. “GoodCell offers a high-value product for members to utilize pre-tax funds to gain a better understanding of their health today, identify predispositions that may impact them in the future and a unique opportunity to take advantage of complementary Personal Biobanking, the ability to store healthy cells today for future cellular therapies should you require treatment.” 

On September 20th, H.R.8912, the “Access to Future Cures Act,” was introduced to Congress to expand HSA, FSA and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) eligibility to include storage of blood or biomaterial derived from blood, which will cover GoodCell’s Personal Biobanking service in the future. 

GoodCell’s genetic test screens for 31 predispositions across cardiovascular, oncology and metabolic disorders. The Baseline Health Panel screens for abnormal lipids, insulin resistance and vitamin D insufficiency. When using HSA/FSA funds, Personal Biobanking is complementary.

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About GoodCell:

GoodCell is FSA/HSA-eligible and offers a curated health panel to understand what’s happening in your body right now as well as genetic testing to identify your predisposition for diseases such as breast cancer and cardiomyopathy to name a few. And when you use your FSA/HSA funds to purchase GoodCell, you’ll benefit from complimentary Personal Biobanking for potential use in future therapies for hard-to-cure diseases.


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