Global Food Testing, Inspection and Certification Market Report 2022: Historic Revenue Data for 2021, Estimates for 2022 and 2023, and CAGR Projections through 2027

Dublin, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Food Testing, Inspection and Certification Market: Global Market Opportunities and Competitive Landscape" report has been added to's offering.

This report provides market insights into the food testing, inspection and certification market, specifically focusing on the global markets. It provides an array of information, including market size, expected growth rates, market drivers and restraints, and other market trends and developments.

Testing, inspection and certification (TIC) are the most critical aspects of quality control across various industries, including the food industry. TIC is crucial for upholding the requirements for food safety and quality. The use of cutting-edge technology in the food business and the development of fresh, creative approaches (e.g., virtual inspections, remote audits) to address the COVID-19 dilemma contribute to the TIC market's growth. Organizations may increase productivity and reduce risk, as well as enhance the safety, quality and compliance of their goods and services using TIC services while still adhering to international standards.

Consumer awareness of food quality and safety issues has grown in recent years, mainly due to controversies involving recent food recalls and the pandemic's increased concern for safety and cleanliness. This has facilitated the development of many food safety and quality standards in the public and commercial food sectors.

A robust TIC system is required due to the rising instances of adulteration and substance mixing in food goods, such as oils and milk. Consumers are also becoming more knowledgeable regarding scams and risks. Testing, certification and inspection procedures ensure quality, safety and confidence.

The global food testing, inspecting and certification market is expanding, and it has significant growth potential during the forecast period. The growth of the food testing, inspection and certification market is driven primarily by the increasing incidence of foodborne diseases, advances in testing technology, globalization of food supply and strict international food safety regulations.

Increasing cases and stringent regulation of foodborne diseases due to various contaminants (e.g., pathogens, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), toxins, food residues) are significant factors driving the food safety market. Rising consumer awareness of food safety and quality is also expected to drive the food safety testing market during the forecast period.

Contaminants and chemicals can enter food at every stage of the value chain, from harvesting to manufacturing to the final consumer. Therefore, contamination can be a significant cause of food poisoning, requiring food quality control.

Strict regulations to enforce food safety guidelines in the U.S. and Canada have increased the demand for food safety testing services in the region. The passage of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) heralds a growth in the global market for food safety testing.

Pathogen testing is widely used in the overall food testing market, as there is increasing pressure on food manufacturers to provide safe food and to implement food safety testing techniques. Salmonella, E. Escherichia coli, Listeria and Campylobacter are significant pathogens that cause food contamination and toxicity. The global increase in pathogen-induced foodborne diseases is driving the pathogen sector.

This report analyzes the market trends of food safety testing with data from 2021, CAGR projections for the forecast period from 2022 to 2027 and an analysis of the top leading players in the food TIC market. BCC Research analyzed key categories and regions to determine the present and future food safety testing market status, as well as forecasted market growth from 2022 to 2027.

Report Includes

  • An overview of the global market opportunities for food testing, inspection and certification along with the industry competitive landscape
  • Analyses of the global and regional market trends, with historic market revenue data for 2021, estimates for 2022 and 2023, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2027
  • Estimation of the actual market size and market forecast for food testing, inspection and certification, and corresponding market share analysis by technology, contaminant types, and region
  • Discussion of current and future demand in the global food testing and inspection market, along with the industry value chain analysis, competitive environment, and technology updates
  • Emphasis on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, players offering ESG services, and market outlook of ESG services for the food industry
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape based on recent developments and segmental revenues
  • Market share analysis of the key manufacturers in the food testing, inspection, and certification market, their business strategy analysis, product mapping, and operational integration
  • Descriptive company profiles of the leading global players, including Hardy Diagnostics, Intertek group Plc, Promega Corp and R-Biopharm AG.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1 Introduction

  • Overview
  • Study Goals and Objectives
  • Reasons for Doing this Study
  • Scope of Report
  • Information Sources
  • Methodology
  • Intended Audience
  • Analyst's Credentials
  • Custom Research
  • Related Research Reports

Chapter 2 Global Market for Food Testing, Inspection and Certification

  • Food Testing, Inspection and Certification Market Value Chain Analysis
  • Upstream
  • Mid-Stream
  • Downstream
  • Supply Chain Contracts and Food Safety
  • Safe or Unsafe
  • Opportunity for Buyers and Policy Makers

Chapter 3 Market and Technology Background

  • Significance of Food Testing and Inspection
  • Contaminant Types
  • Allergen
  • Pathogens
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Toxins and Mycotoxins
  • Other Contaminants
  • Food Testing and Inspection
  • Testing Technologies
  • Foods Tested
  • Tracking and Traceability
  • Contract Labs
  • Testing Sites
  • Organizations Influencing Regulations in Food Testing and Inspection Industry
  • Role of Government

Chapter 4 Market Drivers and Trends

  • Market Driving Factors
  • Growth of the Global Food and Beverage Market
  • Increasing International Trade in Foodstuffs
  • Stringent Regulations to Ensure Food Safety
  • Product Liability Claims
  • Incidence Trends of Foodborne Diseases

Chapter 5 Esg Services Outlook

  • Esg Overview
  • Esg Structure and Standards
  • Growing Importance of Esg
  • Key Players Offering Esg Services
  • Sgs
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Intertek
  • Dekra
  • Tuv Sud
  • Surge in Esg Service Investment
  • Esg Certifications
  • Esg Professional Organizations
  • Sustainability Ratings
  • Non-Profit and For-Profit Collaborations
  • Esg Services for the Food Industry Overview
  • Existing Esg Standards for the Food Sector
  • Acquisition as the Key Business Strategy
  • Case Study
  • Esg Service Company
  • Esg Startups to Watch
  • Actual Systems Inc.
  • Alkymi
  • Apiday
  • Caesar Sustainability
  • Carbon Re
  • Circulartree
  • Conservice Esg (Formerly Goby)
  • Entelligent
  • Esg Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Finscience
  • Good.Lab
  • Greenarc Capital
  • Latitudo 40
  • Measurabl
  • Nossa Data
  • Novata Inc.
  • Novisto
  • Plana.Earth GmbH
  • Project Canary
  • Proof of Impact
  • Pulsesg
  • Standard Carbon
  • Sunlight.Io Ltd.
  • Sust Global
  • Sustain.Life
  • Sustainalytics
  • Trademo
  • Truvalue Labs
  • Tumelo
  • Xpansiv
  • Yvesblue

Chapter 6 Competitive Landscape

  • Company Market Shares
  • Competitive Strategies of Leading Players
  • Leading Food Testing, Inspection and Certification Strategic Market Developments
  • Product Mapping
  • Operational Integration

Chapter 7 Company Profiles

  • 3M Co.
  • Als Ltd.
  • Asure Quality Ltd.
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Biocontrol Systems Inc.
  • Biomedica Gruppe Osterreich
  • Biomerieux S.A.
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
  • Biotest AG
  • Charm Sciences Inc.
  • Covance Inc.
  • Elisa Technologies Inc.
  • Emsl Analytical Inc.
  • Envirologix Inc.
  • Eurofins Scientific Inc.
  • Food Hygiene and Health Laboratory
  • Genetic Id Na Inc.
  • Global Food Safety Initiative
  • Hardy Diagnostics
  • Ieh Laboratories & Consulting Group
  • Intertek Group plc
  • Laboratory Corp. Of America Holdings
  • Merieux Nutrisciences Corp.
  • Micreos Food Safety
  • Micro Identification Technologies, Inc.
  • Microbac Laboratories Inc.
  • Milliporesigma
  • Neogen Corp.
  • Promega Corp.
  • Randox Laboratories Ltd.
  • R-Biopharm AG
  • Salus Scientific Inc. (Foodchek Systems Inc.)
  • Sgs Sa
  • Tuv Sud AG

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