Automox Expands Functionality and Reach with Remote Control and New Global Partnership

Product and distribution momentum set to fuel international growth

Boulder, Colo, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Automox®, the cloud-native IT operations provider, today announced general availability of its remote control feature, offering global IT teams advanced troubleshooting capabilities from a single cloud-native console. 

Remote control is a powerful tool for IT teams everywhere. IT administrators often face a mountain of device-related issues daily, ranging from email account errors, password resets, and devices that won’t update, to processes that drain device resources. Without the ability to perform an in-depth investigation directly on the device, providing a fix generally requires significant time from IT teams and multiple tools.

With remote control, IT admins can gain immediate access to end-user devices to troubleshoot issues directly. The functionality was developed in-house by Automox’s product team to help IT teams quickly address a wide array of common endpoint issues. 

“While our customers usually just set up Automox and let it run, we found that many of our customers occasionally need more hands-on capability with their endpoints to help with troubleshooting or user assistance.  It was a straightforward and natural step to add in remote control capabilities,” said Corey Bodzin, Senior Vice President of Product.  “Our customers can now use a single intuitive console to manage and troubleshoot all of their endpoints.”

Automox's in-console remote control gives IT operations teams two major advantages:

  • Teams can quickly and easily access and troubleshoot remote devices for employees anywhere in the world to provide quick fixes to update issues, configuration problems, and more. 
  • Teams can consolidate their toolset for simplicity and cost savings by combining patching, configuration, and troubleshooting into a single easy-to-use platform.

On the heels of its remote control release, Automox also announced further momentum into international markets with its inclusion in Orchestra, an IT channel sales distribution partnership led by QBS Software and global investor Insight Partners. Automox is one of five hypergrowth software companies to be included in the international launch, which focuses its preliminary distribution in the UK and Germany.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Automox, along with some of our fast-growing peers in the software industry, to continue to build on our international community of customers,” said Stefan Schweizer, Vice President of International Sales. “With new added functionality in our platform, our positioning is better than ever to empower fast and easy IT operations anywhere in the world.”

To learn more about Orchestra, visit here.

To learn more about remote control and troubleshooting with Automox, visit here.

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