Vaadin Releases Acceleration Kits to Speed the Development and Modernization of Enterprise Java Applications

Survey of Java Developers Reveals Vaadin Cuts Development Time and Costs By Nearly Half

TURKU, Finland, Oct. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vaadin, a provider of Java web application platforms, announced the release of four Acceleration Kits designed to make it faster and easier to build and modernize Java applications for enterprise use. These new Acceleration Kits speed the integration of custom applications built with Vaadin Flow into enterprise authentication, observability, and Kubernetes environments. Vaadin Flow is a unique framework that lets Java developers build web apps without needing to learn JavaScript or front-end frameworks.

Accelerating software development is critical. In a recent IDG survey of 400 IT leaders, 65% indicated that it was essential to accelerating application development and modernization to enable innovation and advance the business. A 2022 Vaadin user survey found that Vaadin reduced the time to develop user interfaces for Java applications by 46 percent and lowered costs by 41 percent.

Whether creating or modernizing Java-based apps, or migrating legacy Swing apps to the web, Vaadin’s tools and consulting give developers compatibility to business-critical applications in free and commercial products.

The new Acceleration Kits make it even easier for developers to build and modernize custom Java applications for use in the enterprise.

  • SSO Kit makes it easy to improve security by incorporating SSO capabilities into Vaadin Flow-based applications. SSO Kit integrates with leading authentication providers, including Okta, Azure Active Directory, and Keycloak.

  • Observability Kit empowers developers to monitor the performance of the application in production. They can rest assured that their application is working as intended and trace errors to be fixed when they occur. Observability Kit integrates with industry-leading tools, including New Relic, Grafana, Datadog, Prometheus, and Jaeger through the OpenTelemetry standard.

  • Kubernetes Kit makes it easy to update stateful Vaadin Flow applications running on Kubernetes clusters without disrupting users. The Kit helps developers use blue-green deployments to gracefully notify users and allow them to seamlessly switch to a new deployment. It eliminates the need to run application updates on weekends or nights to avoid user disruptions.

  • Swing Kit enables enterprises to incrementally modernize desktop Swing applications by embedding modern Vaadin-based web views into the existing Swing application. Embedded views provide web functionality without a complete cloud migration and minimal disruption to the application’s users.

“Vaadin’s mission is to empower Java developers to build and modernize enterprise-grade web apps with great UX and at a lower cost,” said Steven Grandchamp, CEO of Vaadin. “Our new Acceleration Kits offer Java developers a easy way to plug Java apps into the modern enterprise ecosystem.”

The Acceleration Kits are generally available in October 2022. Vaadin customers can purchase Acceleration Kits separately or upgrade to Vaadin’s new Ultimate subscription, including all of the Acceleration Kits. For more information, visit:

About Vaadin

Vaadin, a provider of modern web frameworks for Java, empowers developers around the globe to create intuitive web applications that their users will love. Vaadin makes it faster and easier to develop and modernize enterprise applications based on Java. Customers report an average of 44% savings in the time to develop a web UI with Vaadin compared with other approaches.
Vaadin is the company behind the open-source Vaadin Flow framework for full-stack Java applications and the Hilla framework for hybrid TypeScript/Java applications. Trusted by 40% of Fortune 500 companies and 100.000+ developers worldwide, Vaadin has been helping organizations accelerate the development of web front ends for enterprise Java applications for over 20 years.


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