GovPilot Launches Digital Special Needs Module, Adopted by Eastampton and Englewood, New Jersey Police Departments

Digital form enables public to share helpful information about special needs relatives with local governments for use in the event of emergencies

Manasquan, NJ, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an effort to enhance public safety among the special needs community, the Police Departments of Eastampton and Englewood, New Jersey have adopted a new digital service from GovPilot, a Manasquan, New Jersey based provider of cloud-based government management software.

Officials in Eastampton and Englewood have made available on their municipal websites a convenient digital form which allows the public to enter voluntary emergency contact information for any person that is affected by any form of altered mental status including Autism, Dementia, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, or other illness or condition categorized as “Special Need” that may cause them to become impaired. 

Information provided by family members includes personal descriptive information including address, as well as noise, sound, or touch sensitivities, places they frequent, topics to discuss to put the individual at ease, songs they like, or medications they might be taking. Attachments such as a person’s photograph can be uploaded. This information can help responding police officers who receive specific training to follow protocols when they contact persons with “Special Needs” resolve potentially dangerous situations quickly and safely.

Englewood Chief of Police, Thomas Greeley said, “Any information or knowledge that our officers have in advance of making contact with a special needs person in an emergency situation will enable them to have a more natural, personal conversation which puts everyone involved at ease and leads to a safer resolution for all parties. This GovPilot module facilitates a compassionate police response and represents an enhancement of public safety here in Englewood.”

“GovPilot has been a terrific partner in developing digital forms and workflows that make our government more efficient, transparent, and responsive to our constituents’ needs,” said Eastampton Township Manager, Kim-Marie White. 

White added, “The Special Needs form on our website is a welcomed addition that will enable our first responders to improve mental health services and ensure public safety in Eastampton Township. GovPilot’s Special Needs form is something that all municipalities and police departments around the country should provide to their residents.”

“GovPilot’s mission is to empower local governments to better serve their constituents and operate efficiently. The development and release of this Special Needs module is a  part of living up to and delivering on that mission - for local governments and police departments across the country,” said GovPilot CEO, Michael Bonner.

Bonner added, “In partnering with local governments across the country we have found that digital processes generate significant increases in efficiency and productivity that have a positive impact on local budgets, services, and constituent experience. GovPilot has already seen that in both Eastampton and Englewood. 

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GovPilot Launches Digital Special Needs Module to Enhance Police Departments

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