Quad M Solutions Announces Appointment of Chief Operating Officer

Garland, TX, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quad M Solutions, Inc. (OTC: MMMM) a staffing company providing modern health care solution benefits is pleased to announce the appointment of Yakov Kogan, PhD, MBA as Chief Operating Officer (COO) effective immediately.

Dr. Kogan comes to Quad M with two decades of experience in organizational design, building and management of world-class cross-functional teams. He has co-founded and served as COO and CEO of several biotechnology and management consulting companies. Through his leadership these companies grew from initial business concepts to established and successful ventures, secured multiple rounds of private and public financing (totaling over $200M), went public on NASDAQ stock exchange (CBLI), garnered R&D and service contracts with Fortune 100 companies worth tens of millions of dollars, and procured major federal and state contract and grant funding. He is intimately familiar with day-to-day and strategic corporate planning, management, and execution.

As Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Kogan will take responsibility for accelerating growth and operational performance of the company and its subsidiaries with the focus on operations and logistics, financial reporting and compliance, marketing and sales support, and customer experience.

Mr. Frontiere commented, “Yakov is a transformational leader and proven change agent with deep experience in corporate and project management. As an innovative and seasoned executive and a former scientist turned CEO of a NASDAQ-listed company who relies on data and analytics to drive execution, I am confident that he will be a tremendous asset as we continue to manage our growth, scaleup operations, bring new customers on board, and increase profitability. I am truly delighted to welcome Yakov to the Quad M team.”

“I am deeply excited to join the Quad M team as COO and look forward to using my experience in corporate management and business transformation to help Quad M to build on its success, execute its growth plan and drive operational improvements across the organization,” said Dr. Kogan.

“Quad M has a distinctive offering and value proposition and is exceptionally well positioned to exploit the emerging and fast-growing Gig Economy labor market. With business relationships already in place coupled with company’s modern technology platform and attractive offerings Quad M has strong potential to transform the today’s healthcare and benefit solution marketplace. And I am pleased and honored to be part of this transformation,” added Dr. Kogan.

About Quad M Solutions, Inc. Quad M Solutions, Inc., is a public holding company that offers self-funded health plans, staffing services, HR-human resources, payroll services, retirement, supplemental and workers compensation insurance to small and mid-sized group employers. We strive to provide those employers and individuals the right tools to be able to manage and control all the facets in their healthcare experience and their eventual health outcomes. Prevention, wellness, and cures have become part of our corporate mission to individuals who want to manage and control their short and long-term healthcare needs.

Our self-insured programs are consumer-driven and technology-leveraged and, by itself, self-insurance is affordable, transparent, and responsive to the healthcare and retirement needs of employees who are looking for higher quality benefits, integrated health information and better medical provider access and outcomes.

Our Company's four subsidiaries, NuAxess 2, Inc., PrimeAxess, Inc., OpenAxess, Inc. and PrimeAxess 2, LLC are important in conveying who we are and what we do.

For additional information, please visit: QuadMSolutions.com and NuAxess.com.

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