Xeter Outdoor Announces Spark: The Modular-Designed Outdoor Light That Can Transform for Different Scenarios

An outdoor light that can transform into a flashlight, headlamp, lantern, bike light, and more. One light to fit all scenarios.

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Xeter is a startup brand that renovates traditional outdoor equipment to make them fit modern outdoor activities. They will release their first product - Spark, on Kickstarter in mid-October.

The idea comes from Xeter team members' daily experiences carrying a variety of lighting for camping - the flashlight, headlamp, bike light, lantern, and so forth. What if all of them can be brought down into one device? They quickly turned their ideas into product language and created Spark.

Spark has a set of modular light holders that allows consumers to cope with nearly every situation with just one device, saving extra room in one's bag to travel light and enjoy the essence of outdoor activities. 


With the push & pull design, consumers can adjust Spark's focus for both nearby area illumination and long-distance observation, depending on their need. By rotating the front ring, consumers can realize stepless dimming from 1200lm to 5lm. Together with the two features, any lighting needs can be effortlessly dealt with, whether cycling, camping, or hiking. 

Putting aside the basic functions of the traditional flashlight, Spark is also a maneuverable smart light bulb with more customizable features that connect to consumers' smartphones. For instance, adjusting the brightness, remote control, selecting flashing modes, etc.

Flashlight Handle 

The handle serves Spark as a regular flashlight. With its long battery life, it'll be a reliable companion in all outdoor activities.


With the headband, Spark can be used as a headlamp. Its back also contains two battery slots to support Spark for longer usage. The adjustable elastic band helps Spark fit the scalp better. 

Bike Mount 
Cycling in dim light is dangerous. With the bike mount, consumers will be able to ride with a 400-lumens bike light and 360 degrees rotation for illumination. Riding to their destination at night will never become a headache.


A specially designed diffuser helps Spark soften its light to become a lantern for camping. It can be placed on the table or hung on the tent top. 

Their project is currently available to preview at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/xeterspark/xeter-spark. Follow their page in advance and get notifications from Kickstarter after it's available.

Contact Information:
Patrick Chan
Marketing Manager
+ 1 (929) 2245304

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World's first modular-designed light that can transform for different scenarios

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Xeter Spark Outdoor Lighting Set