The Metaverse Spectrum announces the METAVERSE 100 Companies that will Chart the Future of this Disruptive Technology

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Oct. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Metaverse Spectrum’s first-ever METAVERSE 100 list is here. Our panel of nine metaverse and Web 3.0 experts have combined their prodigious knowledge, and have chosen 100 of the hottest, boldest companies they believe will determine the future of the metaverse. 

Some of the names on this list may look familiar as AB Inbev and Adidas are brands who’ve dived into the metaverse and run early experiments with NFTs and virtual worlds that will pay off in 2023. Gaming giants like Epic Games, Roblox and Niantic Labs will continue their innovation streaks well into next year. And to be expected, companies like Meta, Yuga Labs and Qualcomm are expected leaders in their categories.

“Our panel conducted a very comprehensive process to determine who would be included in the very prestigious M100 list. Hundreds of companies were considered. Only the most important technologies, executives, and influencers made the cut,” said Sabrina George, Senior Vice President of the Metaverse Spectrum. “Each year we will undergo the process again in order to make sure that new and innovative Metaverse companies charting the future of this exciting industry are recognized.”

Metaverse-first companies like Roblox and Epic Games, built from the ground up on technology designed to create immersive experiences for gamers, were easy selections. Roblox has over 40 million daily active users, with its own internal economy and millions of hours of user-generated content and games. Epic Games, creator of metaverse mega success Fortnite and the Unreal Engine that powers Hollywood productions like The Mandalorian, has shown the economic and creative power the metaverse can unlock.

Platforms like Tixologi and NVIDIA are pushing the bleeding edge of blockchain technology, and metaverse communities like The Sandbox and Yuga Labs’ multitude of NFT projects serve a vital role in the future of the ecosystem.

All of these companies are at the forefront of the metaverse. For marketers and entrepreneurs who are looking to jump into the space but who may be unsure where to start, this list is your ticket to success. 

The inaugural Metaverse 100 companies are: 

30 NinjasEmmersive EntertainmentMETAV.RSReady Player MeTixologi
3D LookEpic GamesMetaVRseRealm AcademyTorum
AB InbevErthaMoboxRec RoomTribeXR
Animoca BrandsGlueNetvrkRoblox CorporationUnreal Engine
ARwallGroove JonesNewsky XRRooomVatom
BeameHTCNF HeroesScattervicinft
Blockchain Monster HuntIncontext SolutionsNFTRSecret LevelVirtual Influencer Agency
BloktopiaInhance DigitalNiantic LabsSnapchatVirtual Reality Marketing
Clifford ChanceKhronos GroupNon-Fungible LabSomnium SpaceVR Chat
Cominted LabsLinden LabNovelabSorareVulcan Forged
Dapper LabsMeetaverseNVIDIASpatialWalletConnect
DecentralandMeow WolfObsessStar AtlasWilder World
Departure LoungeMetaPicoStardustXcyte Digital
DisguiseMeta AdsPolka CitySurreal EventsYuga Labs
EdstudiaMetamaskQualcommThe Glimpse GroupZAUBAR
eFuseMetastageRalph LaurenThe SandboxZoan

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