FORO Founder Brett Boston: 'Time to Talk About How Good A.I. is Getting for Meeting IIJA Challenges'

ATLANTA, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Artificial Intelligence is a proven technology for identifying hidden data relationships and patterns in massive amounts of data. While its use in banking, retail and healthcare has been widespread it is underutilized for transportation decision making. FORO is proving it's time to start taking its potential seriously for meeting transportation challenges.

FORO pioneered AI solutions in Indiana over three years ago, when they built customized algorithms to process INDOT asset management data. Using a real-time process with INDOT stakeholders, FORO developed an AI engine to process and refine project decisions and financials. This approach identified an additional $106 million in savings for project bundling and reduced the time required to select them from months to minutes.

Since then, FORO has expanded its AI process into:

  • Automating estimate and bid process analysis
  • Prioritizing and sequencing IIJA projects
  • Projecting IIJA impacts on contract letting and pricing
  • Calculating and identifying equity across projects

FORO and AI for DOTs has been growing ever since. Why? The answer is simple. Visionary DOT clients need new ways to maximize their mission given their limited resources and staff. Especially now with the influx of new funds from the Federal Infrastructure Investment & Job Acts.

Applying AI to specific agency challenges is where FORO's tailored approach for has blossomed. It is FORO and DOT staffs working together to build custom AI engines that actually work to save staff time, money, and to make better strategic decisions.

"Technology is part of the solution, but it isn't the whole answer," says Vern Herr, Chief AI Evangelist of FORO. "Our process is human-centric. People aren't going away. They're just going to be able to move faster, make fewer mistakes and understand what data is really useful for making decisions. AI helps people and processes get smarter quickly."

FORO's AI philosophy is prudent: Take a one-step-at-a-time approach. They work hand-in-hand with their DOT clients to identify the places where AI can add value, gather relevant client data, and define vital business rules.

FORO founder Brett Boston says, "Working with DOT partners we are creating the next generation of AI applications for DOTs across the country. Now with the huge influx of IIJA funding, our DOT expertise has never been more relevant or in demand. Since staffs are not increasing and there are no in-house data AI gurus, FORO helps DOTs make the most of what they have, fulfill their mission and maximize stewardship/the value of taxpayer dollars.

"The American infrastructure needs work. Our roads and bridges are outdated in many areas and it's the roads that keep the economy rolling. And it is the job and responsibility of each DOT to get that done. And we love to help these dedicated professionals maintain the best transportation system on the planet running as efficiently as possible.

"Their challenges are many and FORO AI is a small part in meeting those challenges. Our customers have always been our best advertising. No moon-shot promises, just grounded and demonstrable results using our FORO process and AI."

Every AI journey starts with a first step, and that step for transportation is getting better every day with FORO.

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Founded in 2017, FORO is a facilitator in the improvement of organization, collaboration, and decision-making using artificial intelligence. FORO is based in Atlanta, GA with offices in St. Louis, MO.

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