NordPass has announced a massive sale for both business and private plans

LONDON, Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Tuesday, NordPass, a password management company, launched its annual Cyber Month sale in order to celebrate the global Cybersecurity Awareness Month initiative and ensure more people and companies can secure their accounts using a password manager. From October 18 to December 1, a NordPass Business subscription is available for up to 60% off, and Personal or Family Premium plans are discounted by up to 50%.

“We aim to ensure our cybersecurity solutions are accessible to everyone. With the growing number of cyberattacks, securing your identity online is ‘hygiene’ rather than luxury, and tech companies are responsible to keep it this way,” says Karolis Arbaciauskas, head of business development at NordPass.

In addition to joining the FIDO Alliance a few weeks ago, NordPass has also recently complemented its password manager with various new features. Here are some key improvements:

Data Breach Monitoring

With the Data Breach Monitor tool introduced in September, NordPass notifies the company’s clients in-app or via email if their credentials have appeared in publicly available data breaches. This feature, scanning the internet 24/7 to find new leaks, complemented Data Breach Scanner, a security tool NordPass developed last year.

Emergency Access

Both business and private users of NordPass can now try the Switch Account function, which allows the user to toggle between different accounts without logging out. In total, a user can add up to five accounts.


NordPass is a password manager for both business and consumer clients. It’s powered by the latest technology for the utmost security. Developed with affordability, simplicity, and ease of use in mind, NordPass allows users to access passwords securely on desktop, mobile, and browsers. All passwords are encrypted on the device, so only the user can access them. NordPass was created by the experts behind NordVPN — the advanced security and privacy app trusted by more than 14 million customers worldwide. For more information:

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