Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Serial entrepreneur Joel Dietz will give a sneak preview of his new metaverse platform on Oct. 25 at the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference & Expo, the first-ever B2B conference in the metaverse. Dietz, founder & CEO of MetaMetaverse, has been at the forefront of several future tech trends including blockchain, tokenization, AR/VR and AI art. As a founding member of Ethereum, he started the internal Ethereum project which became the popular Metamask wallet. 

"In the metaverse, it is possible to create a much more immersive brand experience for customers to engage with versus traditional advertising,” Dietz said. “People tend to think an immersive experience means AAA graphics, building a user base, and getting these individuals to play games and connect with people, but it’s deeper. The mission here for metaverse companies is to truly transport individuals to a whole new world.” 

Dietz will give his presentation “Brand Activations & Success in the Metaverse at 4 p.m. ET pm. He will be joined by Antonio Bileci, CMO of MetaMetaverse, and moderator Pearl Pospiech, of Pearl POP Productions.

The most cited author on Google Scholar on “cryptoeconomics,” Dietz has built some of the largest deals in the asset tokenization space. He is also the author of the monograph “Principles of Holonic System Design.” His recent projects include programming language for the metaverse and several academic learning projects for MIT, Skoltech, and Notre Dame University, including a textbook-style treatment of cryptoeconomics. A prolific writer, he has also produced several short and long films.           

Dietz’s talk is just one of many all-star appearances scheduled at the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference & Expo. Other metaverse luminaries include Mike Schaiman (CEO of Gen City Labs), Benyamin Ahmed, non-fungible tokens creator of the Weird Whales collection and Jon Fisher, CEO of ViciNFT, speaking about NFT securities. The complete list of speakers is available here.

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