Liquid Cash Takes Over Multi-Industries With One Super App

Liquid Cash is the World's First Secure Super App for everything; banking, shopping, money transfers, entertainment, crypto and rewards.

ATLANTA, Oct. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Get ready to Get Liquid with the next mobile revolution! With iYap Liquid Cash, everything is better. Users can earn cash rewards daily for things they do in-app. Bank, shop, send money, trade crypto, purchase event tickets, get deals, pay bills, find entertainment, and much more... all in one Super App.  

Liquid Cash offers the quickest, most safe, and secure way to pay and get paid from anyone, anytime, anywhere. For travelers who are tired of traditional banking with high foreign transaction fees, low access to international currency, and hacked accounts, Liquid Cash was designed with them in mind. By switching to Liquid Cash users no longer have to pay high and hidden fees to access their money. 

"Liquid Cash was initially created because of the opportunity I saw to solve the Caribbean market's local and international payment problems. However, after further review, I quickly realized it was more than just a Caribbean crisis, it was global," says Merrifield, Founder and CEO.

The Liquid Cash app is secured with 256-bit encryption and includes multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access. With Liquid Cash, a user can get a digital bank account with options of savings and checking accounts for both personal and business. Liquid Cash has quickly become the bridge that connects all money into one single universal currency, helping solve the fragmented money issues people face around the world. Merrifield has created an inclusive way for everyone to participate in the opportunity of global commerce without hurdles.

"With the evolution of how people view and value money, giving consumers the ability to use their device to participate in global trade is significant. It's more than just a transaction, it is a gateway for people around the globe to access opportunity. Billions of people around the world are unable to access traditional banking options which potentially excludes them from taking advantage of the advancement's technology has allowed," says Merrifield.

Simplify your life and Download Liquid Cash.

About Alvin Merrifield  

Alvin Merrifield, a Caribbean native, has become a force to be reckoned with in the fintech industry. From charting new courses in digital engagement platforms to actualizing one of the first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) cellular devices capable of supporting video over a 3G network, Alvin has blended his cultural background and experiences in two dominant industries: technology and finance. Merrifield created his latest innovation, Liquid Cash, to solve the Caribbean market's local and international payment problems but has quickly become a global solution to solving this same crisis around the world.

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