Inigo Joins the GraphQL Foundation

The GraphQL security and management platform provider joins the GraphQL Foundation in its mission to support and promote GraphQL adoption and development

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inigo, a one-stop-shop for complete GraphQL security, analytics, and productivity at scale, today announced that it is a new member of the GraphQL Foundation, the community-led organization dedicated to promoting widespread adoption of GraphQL and accelerating the development of its surrounding ecosystem. As a proud GraphQL Foundation member, Inigo joins a select group of companies invested in the long-term success of GraphQL, including AWS, Meta, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, and PayPal.

As the provider of a platform-agnostic GraphQL API management platform—built to help organizations easily adopt and secure GraphQL—Inigo’s goals closely align with those of the GraphQL Foundation. Inigo supports every open source and commercial GraphQL server available today, closing existing support gaps while empowering developers to achieve the full potential of GraphQL no matter which server they prefer to use.

“The GraphQL Foundation is the preeminent force for bringing GraphQL’s many evolving benefits to the attention of developers,” said Shahar Binyamin, CEO, Inigo. “We’re excited to join the GraphQL Foundation as a new member alongside some extraordinary organizations, and to help more developers and organizations unlock GraphQL’s transformative potential. At the same time, we’re proud of Inigo’s growing role within the GraphQL ecosystem, as our platform enables users to supercharge their GraphQL visibility, operations, security, and success.”

Inigo’s GraphQL visibility and analytics provide the clear metrics that teams require to understand and master their GraphQL deployments and usage patterns. The platform’s monitoring and observability tooling similarly enables developers to efficiently operate and scale their preferred GraphQL servers, while real-time data guides detection and avoidance of break change incidents. Inigo’s CI/CD tools remove the need for developers to grapple with difficult customized builds and fixes, improving the developer experience and enabling focus to remain on core product development. Developers can also work more efficiently because of the platform’s high-throughput and low-latency, and get started quickly with Inigo’s easy plug-and-play integration that makes the platform ready in 20 minutes or less.

Importantly, Inigo simplifies GraphQL security with automated safeguards designed to secure attack surfaces from all cyberattacks. The platform allows developers to directly control GraphQL vulnerability protections, and security architects to leverage schema-based access control and declarative configuration—achieving introspection separation with field and argument granularity.

About Inigo

Inigo is a plug-and-play GraphQL API management platform that works seamlessly with any GraphQL server—providing immediate security, compliance, analytics, and continuous delivery to boost API adoption and enable companies to scale with confidence. Inigo offers the best GraphQL experience for developers, DevOps, and security architects by eliminating development, operational, and security challenges via simple-to-use tools. Inigo empowers teams to work faster, scale easier, and prevent vulnerabilities while fully optimizing their GraphQL projects. Inigo is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Kyle Peterson