Genesis League Sports to Airdrop Governance Tokens to Splinterlands Token Stakers

Media, Pennsylvania, Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  On October 25th at 14:00 UTC, Genesis League Sports (GLS) began its year-long airdrop of its $GLX tokens to current Splinterlands $SPS stakers. The parent company, Splinterlands, named from its popular fantasy-based strategy card game built on the blockchain, has had a loyal and enthusiastic user base and surrounding community since its founding in 2018. The airdrop of their new Web3 sports gaming platform, Genesis League Sports, to current stakeholders is intended as a strong foundation for their upcoming Web3 sports games, as well as a decisive acknowledgement of gratitude to committed users.

The airdrop will be spread out over the course of the year following its launch, with the intention of encouraging long term engagement in the upcoming interoperable sports platform–which is already touting a partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA). 

Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, Splinterlands CEO, noted the company’s intentionality in serving its existing community in this way, and in planning out the airdrop thoughtfully for maximum stability and effective long-term growth.

“We have one of the most incredible communities that has ever existed in relation to blockchain technology. Their loyalty matters to us, and they are the reason we are working so hard to build out this company,” Reich said. “The airdrop from our new Genesis League Sports platform is our thank you to them, and spreading it over the course of the coming year is an effective way to instill our long-term vision for GLS into our outstanding user base.”

“We couldn’t do anything that we do without this community,” he added.

To participate in the airdrop, $SPS must be staked on to be airdropped $GLX. To claim the $GLX airdrops, an account must be registered with the same Hive wallet associated with the $SPS staking at

About Splinterlands:

Splinterlands is the hit blockchain video game company leading the Web3 GameFi market worldwide. Founded by friends Jesse “Aggroed” Reich and Matt Rosen in 2018, it is known for its loyal community and complex fantasy-themed auto battler interface. The company has rapidly expanded since its inception, currently boasting 2.4M users, 1M active wallets, and 3-5M blockchain transactions daily. It recently surpassed the significant milestone of 3B battles played, and has seen a series of recent rapid sellouts of its various in-game assets. As a parent company, Splinterlands has notably expanded into substantive partnerships with both the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) and Warner Music Group (WMG), and recently began its first card pack presale for the flagship game of its mobile sports platform, Genesis League Sports (GLS).  Due to the power of blockchain technology, the company is able to offer its users the opportunity to truly own the assets they purchase for the games they play, enabling them to trade and hold within its complex Web3 economic systems while earning real-world rewards. With Splinterlands’ expansion to its Tower Defense series and its announcement of GLS, the company is now also effectively exploring the possibilities of interoperability of assets between various games, leading the way in the unique applications of the blockchain for the future of gaming. Visit for more information.


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