PlanSource Announces 13 New Partners Joining Partner Marketplace in Q3

New partners representing mental health, disease management and healthcare navigation join the PlanSource Marketplace to provide new benefit offerings to HR teams and employees

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PlanSource, a leading provider of cloud-based benefits administration technology, announced today that 13 new employer benefits providers have joined the company’s Partner Marketplace — a curated list of best-fit partners designed to maximize holistic employee engagement and talent retention. These additional partners have grown PlanSource’s overall marketplace to 60 partners in total.

Benefit plans across categories such as cost-controlling point solutions, wellness, mental wellbeing lifestyle and voluntary benefits are key components of a comprehensive benefits offering. Employees are taking their total compensation package into account as they compare job opportunities. Investments in valuable add-on benefit plans mitigate the risk of high turnover rates, which is mutually beneficial for both employers and employees.

PlanSource is excited to announce the following new Marketplace partners. These providers equip employers with solutions ranging across chronic disease management, childcare, mental health and healthcare navigation programs.

The new partners joining the Partner Marketplace in Q3 include: 

  • Famlee – Famlee offers women seeking to start a family a unique, convenient, at-home fertility evaluation and treatment solution that is low-cost and easily accessible. Famlee supports employees in the comfort of their home by focusing on improving ovulatory function through an at-home kit, Telehealth consultations with fertility-trained clinicians and home delivery of prescriptions and supplements. 
  • Headspace – Headspace for Work is distributed through over 3,700 companies to help them build healthier, more productive cultures and higher-performing organizations. Through their flagship Headspace brand, they offer employees a range of tools for managing stress, increasing positivity, improving sleep and so much more.
  • KrowdFit – KrowdFit’s mission is to create a healthy revolution by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding the consistent effort people make to live healthy, active lifestyles. KrowdFit’s patent-pending, skill-based, self-improvement challenge platform BringIt® has proven to drive very high levels of sustained engagement leading to positive outcomes and long-term, healthy behavioral change. 
  • McAfee – McAfee™, a trusted leader in online protection, is solving one of today’s greatest risks for employers and their employees with McAfee Digital Wellness™, an all-in-one employee benefit program designed to safeguard against compromised devices, identity theft, privacy leaks and more. McAfee frees and empowers people to confidently work and live their life online safely.
  • MetLife Identity and Fraud Protection – MetLife Identity and Fraud Protection Powered by Aura is an employee benefit that provides personalized, all-in-one digital protection to safeguard members’ identity, money and assets, family, online reputation and privacy. By bringing together security, privacy and parental controls on an intelligent platform, Aura is making the internet a safer place for employees and their families by delivering the protection without the complexity.
  • Navigate Wellbeing – Navigate is a purpose-driven well-tech company helping organizations create more health and happiness in the employees, clients and communities they serve. With over 1.7 million active users, the Navigate wellbeing platform aims to bring all aspects of wellbeing together with a single point of entry to a comprehensive engagement and benefits ecosystem.
  • Parentaly – Parentaly is an employee benefit that combines career coaching and content to help expecting parents navigate the parental leave experience, minimizing the stress and career disruption for employees and helping employers avoid the decreased productivity and attrition risk associated with longer (6+ week) leave policies.
  • SavvyFi – SavvyFi is a user-friendly fintech platform that makes it easy for employers to provide college savings and student loan benefits to their employees. Because the company's platform is "zero-touch" to HR – without any complicated systems, integrations or paperwork – SavvyFi unlocks education financing capabilities to even the smallest employers that would not otherwise be able to offer these benefits.
  • Selflessly– Double your employee engagement in Giving Back and Volunteering Initiatives by easily creating campaigns, matching employee donations, and volunteering together. The Selflessly software streamlines Corporate Philanthropy & CSR Activities under one easy-to-use umbrella.
  • TOOTRiS – TOOTRiS has revolutionized Child Care benefits as the first and only technology solution that unites all the key stakeholders – parents, providers, employers and agencies – into a single platform enabling them to connect and transact in real-time. This allows parents to quickly find, vet and enroll from over 180,000 licensed Child Care options in real-time and for employers to seamlessly incorporate family support into their benefits – at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.
  • Virgin Pulse – Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® is a full-stack health, wellbeing and navigation platform that strengthens company culture, motivates employees and boosts the bottom line. With personalized recommendations and gamification, it serves as the single destination for employees and dependents to access the programs, challenges, partners and expert coaches required to improve health outcomes and control costs.
  • Wagmo – Wagmo is a tech-first pet wellness company built with pet parents in mind. Wagmo alleviates the financial stress of routine and emergency pet care, from grooming to essential maintenance, cancer treatments and emergencies, without having to compromise.
  • zizzl health – zizzl health is a state-of-the-art ICHRA solution that helps employers offer budget-friendly, hassle-free health insurance to employees. zizzl health ensures that companies are financially protected while helping employees find individual coverage that caters directly to their unique needs.

“Employees are looking very closely at the benefits offered, and a comprehensive offering really matters. In trying to meet employee needs for attraction, retention and overall employee wellbeing, employers are juggling budgets, administration and sifting through all the available options,” said Bradley Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer at PlanSource. “To do this right, time is not in the employer’s favor, and our Marketplace helps brokers and employers quickly launch these important offerings and communicate them to employees. We’re excited to add these market leaders and innovators to our program.”

Customers who adopt these benefits as part of their compensation packages receive an efficient and streamlined onboarding processes, a templated data exchange and an optimized employee shopping experience, all focused on driving engagement and seamless administration. Marketplace solutions are available within the PlanSource shopping experience, allowing employees to easily learn about these new offerings, choose a benefit if a selection is required and prepare to engage and use these available benefits. PlanSource ensures all offered benefits are communicated through the enrollment experience.

Learn more about PlanSource’s Partner Marketplace.  

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