LaPresse: Paola Severino: “USA, Paola Severino: 'Internationalization important for building bridges between countries and people'”

WASHINGTON, Oct. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LaPresse in Washington with Paola Severino: Internationalization that "creates bridges between countries and individuals" was the heart of the speech by the Vice President of Luiss, Paola Severino, in Washington on the occasion of the first meeting of the Transatlantic Investment Committee hosted by the Italian embassy. During the event, the 'Luis Alumni Washington Chapter' was inaugurated. He will join the two already present in New York and California. The new office in Washington will be led by Giuliana Canè, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Development Bank.

"Young people have great ability to share their ideas and open their minds through the exchange of information. This is the reason why we strongly appreciate internationalization for each student", explains Severino. Finally, the vice president of Luiss talks about the theme of interdisciplinarity. "It allows you to have the ability to solve complex problems related to many sectors, from technology to law to economics and philosophy," she explains. "If you are used to interdisciplinarity you are able to solve these problems and when you start working you are able to change your role very quickly which is very important in the current world", she concludes.

TIC builds on the Trade and Technology Council established between the European Union and the United States in September 2021 with the aim of strengthening the partnership between Italy and the United States in the area of strategic, joint investments – with a specific focus on industrial and research joint investments, especially in emerging technologies.The Washington event aims at setting up TIC framework as the first Euro-Atlantic stakeholders’ platform for co-investments to increase the competitiveness and strategic autonomy of a broad area which includes Italy, the United States and Europe. The event stages the official establishment of the TIC Association that will soon turn into a Foundation and will bring together a network of 1.000 key-decision makers across Italy, the United States, Europe and UK to strengthen the transatlantic partnership.

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