Getaround Launches Get2ThePolls Voting Promotion

Provides Voters with Discounted Transportation on Election Eve and Election Day

50% Discounts Available on the Getaround App for the First 10,000 Carsharing Guests Booking for November 7-8

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Getaround, the world's leading digital peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace, announced today the launch of the Get2ThePolls initiative to help ensure that voters have access to transportation to go to the polls or drop off a ballot for the 2022 general election.

The Getaround Get2ThePolls program offers a 50% discount (up to a maximum $30 in savings) on bookings through the Getaround platform for trips in the United States on Election Eve, November 7, and Election Day, November 8 for the first 10,000 customers using promo code “GET2VOTE.”

“Inconvenience is one of the key reasons for low voter turnout in America, especially during the midterms. Getaround is uniquely positioned to help move people to the polls and ensure every eligible voter, regardless of the barriers they face, can cast their ballot,” said Sarah Bonk, Founder and CEO, Business for America. “With this initiative, Getaround demonstrates one important way in which the business community can help support a vibrant representative democracy.”

“Getaround is thrilled to help voters get to the polls by providing increased accessibility to safe and reliable transportation options through our fully digital, contactless carsharing experience,” said Sy Fahimi, Chief Operating Officer, Getaround. “Every vote counts and Getaround is making it even easier for voters’ voices to be heard with the new Get2ThePolls promotion. As a carsharing platform of the people, Getaround continues to demonstrate unparalleled commitment in providing our guests with access to affordable and convenient transportation. Getaround is removing potential barriers for getting to the polls and ultimately making it easier for people to exercise their right to vote.”

About Getaround
Getaround, the world's first carsharing marketplace offering a 100% digital experience, makes sharing cars and trucks simple through its proprietary cloud and in-car Connect® technology. The company empowers consumers to shift away from car ownership through instant and convenient access to desirable, affordable, and safe cars from entrepreneurial hosts. Getaround’s on-demand technology enables a contactless experience — no waiting in line at a car rental facility, manually completing paperwork, or meeting anyone to collect or drop off car keys. Getaround’s mission is to utilize its peer-to-peer marketplace to help solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the world today, including environmental sustainability and access to economic opportunity. Launched in 2011, Getaround is available today in more than 950 cities across the United States and Europe.

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Shyna Deepak