Agreement will see the NBA and TVO create and share new educational resources to support under-resourced and diverse communities

Toronto, ON, Nov. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The TVO Media Education Group (TVO), a publicly funded and donor supported multimedia learning organization, and National Basketball Association (NBA) today announced a multi-year collaboration to create and share educational resources for students in Ontario.

Through the collaboration, the NBA and TVO will create online resources and dynamic, co-branded content designed to engage and educate students in Ontario, including under-resourced and diverse communities, from kindergarten through grade 12.  The collaboration will include content and resources featuring multiple pillars of both brands, including TVOkids, TVO Learn, TVO ILC, TVO Today, NBA, WNBA and Jr. NBA, and will focus on the organizations’ shared values of teamwork, respect, integrity, inclusion and leadership.

“We are proud to announce a game-changing agreement, and excited to have found such a willing and collaborative partner that shares our values of using education to change lives and enhance the communities in which we live, work and play,” said Jeffrey L. Orridge, CEO at TVO Media Education Group.  “Together, we are leveraging each other’s strengths and amplifying our collective impact through purpose and service to our communities – the NBA through sports and leadership and TVO through media and education.”

“We’re excited to collaborate with TVO to create basketball-themed content that will inspire and connect youth across Ontario,” added Leah MacNab, NBA Canada Managing Director.  “Through this initiative, we will use the universal power of sports to provide development opportunities through fun and engaging educational resources for students who need it most.” 

The agreement is expected to grow in the months ahead to include community-based collaborations, educational programs, and co-created events and experiences.  All NBA and TVO co-branded content will be shared via newsletters and can be accessed on

For more information, please contact: 

Paulo Senra, TVO

Ashton Lawrence, NBA


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