dxFeed Incorporates Live News into Devexperts’ Charting Solution to Level up Technical Analysis

New York, New York, United States, Nov. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- dxFeed, a leading data solutions and index management provider for the global financial industry, both traditional and crypto, has integrated its live, interactive news feed bundle into Devexperts’ DXcharts—a proprietary charting library combining some of the most competitive features offered on the market. This partnership will help incorporate profound market analysis into the charts directly, from news streaming by original, unbiased global capital market, business, and financial news providers.

Global top news feeds deliver premium intraday commentary and breaking news on a wide range of topics, including equities, fixed income, commodities, foreign exchange (FX), and global economics. The DXcharts integration made it possible to visualize and easily analyze the news feeds, enhancing the user experience with news coverage from North America, Europe, and Asia. 

“Using DXcharts, clients can clearly visualize news events, and they will have even more tools to retain traders. Traders and investors can now easily see how the media influences stock price movement. This is another step in our consecutive product development to offer the most competitive charting solution to brokers, trading academies, and news websites. With a live news bundle from dxFeed and reliable news sources, we enable our end users to be even more effective and accurate in their situation analysis and decision-making,” said Andrey Shuvlenov, Head of DXcharts at Devexperts.

“Our solution will enable a growing stack of innovative technical solutions on top of quality content, including our latest machine learning engine. It helps define the important context in semi-structured data and significantly increases the “signal-to-noise ratio” in our services. To celebrate this transition to mixed-content analysis, we have completed the integration with DXcharts. High-quality data visualization is crucial for traders, especially with news feeds,” said Oleg Solodukhin, CEO of dxFeed.

About dxFeed
dxFeed is a leading market data and services provider and calculation agent for the capital markets industry. According to the WatersTechnology 2022 IMD & IRD awards honors, it’s The Most Innovative Market Data Project. dxFeed focuses primarily on delivering financial information and services to buy- and sell-side institutions in the global markets, both traditional and crypto. That includes brokerages, prop traders, exchanges, individuals (traders, quants, and portfolio managers), and academia (educational institutions and researchers).

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About DXcharts
DXcharts is a cross-platform financial charting application for technical analysis and market data visualization of multiple asset classes in both real-time and retroactively. It can be integrated with the client’s logo into any web or mobile application. Brokers, banks, software vendors, trading schools, and other financial firms use DXcharts. It’s developed and supported 24/7 by Devexperts, a product software development company serving capital market firms in the US and Europe since 2002. Visit https://devexperts.com/dxcharts/ to learn more and get in touch.

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