Santa Inu is All Set to Give Life to the Spirit of Christmas by Offering Alluring Giveaways

To enliven the Christmas festival, Santa Inu aspires to shower holders of the Santa Inu coin with innumerable presents, help support charities, and offer exciting amenities to its users.

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Christmas, the most celebrated and relished festival of all time is drawing near. The onset of this festival dates to 336AD and has been a great source of joy to the people throughout centuries. A remarkable aspect of this festival is the scattering of smiles everywhere by surprising loved ones with gifts. The tradition of offering gifts brings together families, friends and relatives. Where on one hand the festival is approaching at a steady pace, at the same time the world of crypto is witnessing new highs. Each day new cryptocurrencies are introduced with the intention of revolutionizing the market. The arrival of Christmas has given birth to a new coin that reinforces the core concept of Christmas, that is, the offering of gifts.

A Quick Glance At Santa Inu

Christmas, also known as the season of giving, was in the past marked by the offering of gifts in the honor of the birth of Jesus. Santa Inu is an esteemed firm that aspires to adopt a similar practice by offering presents to the holders of its coin. Through this act, the firm has already secured a special place in the eyes of investors and traders alike.

A Great Vision

The firm aims to ameliorate the price of the token at an unhindered rate together with the volume of Santa Inu and the number of holders. Santa Inu aspires to achieve a daily transaction volume of 1 million dollars each day. All this will make available gift brackets worth $100,000 that will be awarded to holders every 5 days.

Well-Planned Tokenomics

Well-planned Tokenomics play a vital role in the sustainability of any coin. The firm imposes a 5% tax on each transaction. 3% of the tax is allotted to Marketing, 1% for Christmas gifts, and the remaining 1% to maintain liquidity of the token. The Tokenomics have been deeply pondered over by a team of accomplished individuals and are aimed at indirectly benefiting the users.

Enticing Christmas Gifts

Santa Inu has allotted 2% of the total tax collected for the Christmas gifts that it plans on distributing to its community of holders. These gifts will be offered every 5 days to holders who have a minimum holding of $100 and have held the coin for the required number of times. This can be better understood with an example. Let us suppose the tax collected mounts up to $20000. This amount will be distributed to 10-20% of the total number of holders. If there are 400 holders, then approximately 50 holders selected without any biasness will receive the gift. The $20000 will be split amongst 50 holders and each will receive 400 dollars. This amount, in the form of Ethereum, will be automatically deposited in user wallets.

Donations To Charity

Since Christmas is considered the time of ‘giving’, Santa Inu wishes to do the same. A portion of the funds allocated for marketing will be utilized by the firm to support children’s charities and animal shelters. Members of the Santa Inu community get to choose charities of their choice.

Other Upcoming Amenities

The team in charge wishes to see the firm make it to the top. For this, they have planned other exhilarating stuff such as more presents, jackpots, and NFT-styled scratch cards. The goal is to keep its community busy and spread happiness all around which the firm will undoubtedly achieve.

Furthermore, potential investors and crypto enthusiasts interested in Santa Inu can visit the project’s official website.

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