BWR Exploration Inc. Receives Authorization to Proceed with Soil Remediation Program at Little Stull Lake, NE Manitoba


  • BWR receives Peer Review Report from Pinchin Ltd. outlining scope of soil remediation program at Little Stull Lake
  • BWR gets approval from Manto Sipi Cree Nation and authorization from Manitoba Ministry of Environment, Climate and Parks to proceed

TORONTO, Nov. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BWR Exploration Inc. (the “Company” or “BWR”) (TSX.V: BWR) is pleased to announce that it has received a Peer Review Report (“PR report”) from the environmental consulting firm Pinchin Ltd. and has shared the report with Manto Sipi Cree Nation’s Chief and Council as well as Manitoba Ministry of Environment, Climate and Parks (“MECP”) for their respective review and guidance. BWR recently received authorization from both MSCN and MECP to proceed with the soil remediation program as outlined in the PR report. BWR representatives along with members of the MSCN community are heading into the Little Stull Lake exploration camp to commence the work over the next few days.

Authorization to Proceed: As alluded to in BWR’s news release dated October 17, 2022, BWR engaged Pinchin Ltd. to complete a peer review of a Hydrocarbon in Soil Report regarding a previously identified small area of soil contamination at BWR’s Little Stull Lake camp. BWR received the Peer Review report (“PR Report”) on October 27 that recommended excavation and removal of the contaminated soil to a Ministry approved disposal site. On November 1, 2022, BWR received an authorization to proceed from MECP. Discussions were held between MSCN, BWR and Pinchin that led to MSCN deciding that the remedial plan as outlined in the PR Report should proceed, subject to a commitment from BWR to replace the contaminated soil with uncontaminated soil from nearby soil mounds; BWR can now proceed with the soil remediation as recommended by Pinchin and authorized by MECP. The PR Report also recommended that additional soil samples be taken in an area to the south and east of the previously delineated area, to ensure that there are no further exceedances in hydrocarbon analysis in an area that Pinchin determined was not previously adequately sampled. This area also contains small mounds of previously disturbed (circa 1985) soil, that would be used (if it is determined to be non-contaminated) to replace the excavated soil by spreading it over the exposed bedrock, allowing nearby vegetation to spread and flourish. BWR was earlier authorized to complete minor repairs and some camp maintenance at the site to prepare it for the onset of winter. A small crew is being mobilized to the camp to complete the remedial work, further soil sampling and camp repairs.

Work Permit update: BWR’s October 17, 2022, news release also alluded to an in-community meeting that was scheduled for later that day. This meeting took place, and was well attended by many community members. BWR presented its winter of 2023 exploration proposal that involves diamond drilling approximately 20 exploratory holes (totaling 5000m), each of which is designed to verify and validate earlier drillholes by other explorers. It was explained that the drilling would be very close to earlier holes (within a meter) and only use historical drill clearings and that access would be via existing trails, thus limiting new disturbance to the area. This meeting is one of the initial steps of the proposed early-stage exploration program, that follows the Consultation Protocol Roadmap as agreed to between MSCN and the Crown. BWR plans to attend another in-community meeting at MSCN’s invitation, to set the stage for entering into an early-stage exploration agreement with MSCN. Similar update meetings would continue to happen through the duration of the exploration program. MSCN leadership is currently in discussions with MNRND as to next steps in the Consultation Roadmap that should lead to a decision on the issuance of a conditional work permit for exploration to BWR.

About BWR Exploration Inc.: BWR Exploration Inc. is a public company focused on exploring for base and precious metals, with its flagship Little Stull Lake Gold Project in NE Manitoba along with other exploration projects in Northern Ontario, and Northern Quebec, Canada. Management of BWR includes an accomplished group of exploration/mining specialists with many decades of operational experience in the junior resource sector in Canada and abroad. There are 101,442,461 shares currently issued.

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