Financial Harvest Offers Timely Benefit Strategies for Lockheed Martin Employees

WINTER PARK, Fla., Nov. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors, a Florida-based provider of financial planning and wealth advisory services, offers strategic and targeted benefit options for Lockheed Martin employees. Using tailored benefit savings plans and select insurance products, Lockheed Martin employees may enhance their personal financial security, saving beyond the restrictions that limit many types of retirement savings plans.

“Most retirement plans,” said David Witter, Founder and CEO of Financial Harvest, “fall short of pre-retirement earnings, requiring people to compromise their goals, lifestyle and financial stability in retirement. We offer unique savings options designed for Lockheed Martin employees who don’t want to be caught short in retirement. Purposefully selected life and disability insurance plans may help fill the gaps left by traditional companywide offerings.”

Kellen Williams is a Financial Harvest Wealth Advisor, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Licensed Investment Advisor. “Financial education is critical,” said Kellen, “especially in today’s challenging economy. High-wage earners may not realize how traditional benefits plans can underserve their long-term financial wellness. We partner with our Lockheed Martin clients, as we do with everyone we serve, to equip them with knowledge and customized tools for achieving their dreams and objectives.”

Based in Winter Park, the team at Financial Harvest serves the financial planning and wealth advisory needs of individuals and couples who seek to live with purpose and prosperity. Through the firm’s relationship with Lockheed Martin, the team helps LM employees maximize savings and financial security using Salaried Savings Plans to fund Roth IRAs, Executive Compensation packages, such as Long-Term Incentive planning, Health Savings Accounts and supplemental group life and long-term disability plans. Learn more in the section of the Financial Harvest website dedicated to serving Lockheed Martin employees.

About Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors

David Witter, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Certified Succession Planner™ in partnership with Katie M. Witter, licensed fiduciary Investment Advisor, Certified Succession Planner™, Wealth Advisor and Strategist, and their carefully curated team of financial industry professionals provide customized, fee-based financial planning and wealth advisory services to their clients. Clients generally hold at least $1 million in assets for investing and are located in Florida, across the United States and internationally.

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