Software Licensing Consultants reports significantly increased Oracle audit activity among clients

SEATTLE, Nov. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Software Licensing Consultants (SLC), the original Oracle licensing consulting firm, is observing a significant increase in audit activity among clients in recent months, according to company officials.

“Throughout 2022, Oracle has been trying to lift its bottom line by laying off thousands of employees and raising customer fees at unprecedented levels,” said SLC CEO Ed Ramirez. “Now we’re seeing unprecedented levels of audit activity. Now is a good time to ensure your company is compliant.”

SLC Vice President of Business Development Evan Boyd says aggressive audits are nothing new for the tech behemoth, but this year’s audits are even more intense.

“The audits have been so aggressive this year that even when presented with information that shows Oracle’s findings are incorrect, the audit teams have been unwilling to back down,” said Boyd. “The good cop-bad cop game has worked well for Oracle over the years and now that they’re trying to make up lost financial ground, they’re working that game harder than ever.”

In response to Oracle’s heightened audits, SLC is offering no-obligation compliance checks in which SLC experts will help companies scour their current Oracle contracts for areas of risk and opportunities to reduce costs.

“We’re a team of former Oracle insiders, so we know how to quickly dig through contracts and identify aggressive savings others miss,” said SLC Vice President of Business Development Evan Boyd. “Oracle is one of the toughest negotiators around, but we’ve saved clients more than $1 billion in the past 18 years. We’ll help you understand if you’re getting the best possible deal, including benchmarking your potential savings, so it’s worth having us take a closer look with you.”

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