The PAO Raises over $25,000 for the Canadian-Ukraine Foundation

Toronto, Nov. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- November 8 - The Police Association of Ontario (PAO) has raised $25,605 for the Canadian-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) in a PAO-led joint fundraising initiative with its 45 police association members across the province.  

Established at the 18th Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), the Canada-Ukraine Foundation was formed in order to coordinate, develop, organize and deliver assistance projects generated by Canadians and directed to Ukraine. CUF was established as a national charitable foundation that would coordinate with Canadian organizations that have projects in Ukraine, as well as other projects in Canada. 

Ten months ago, the CUF and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) formed the Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Committee (UHR Committee) with the aim of providing a coordinated approach to humanitarian aid with emphasis on getting assistance quickly and efficiently to those in need in Ukraine. The UHR Committee has raised $45 million, of which $22 million has already been disbursed and allocated. The PAO’s donation will help deliver food boxes, hospital supplies and medication, fund children in Ukrainian-Canadian summer camps across Canada and more. 

“It has been nine terrible months of missile attacks and bombings across Ukraine, which have caused destruction, loss and devastation,” said PAO President Mark Baxter. “Many of us in the policing community have family and friends who are being impacted by what’s going on in Ukraine and we wanted to do our part to contribute. On behalf of the PAO Board and our members, I hope this helps the Ukraine-Canadian Foundation continue to do their great work.” 


 About the Police Association of Ontario (PAO): 

Founded in 1933, the Police Association of Ontario (PAO) is the official provincial representative body for over 28,000 sworn and civilian police personnel from 45 police associations across Ontario. A unifying voice for advocacy in policing, the PAO provides its member associations with representation, resource and support.  


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