Microshare Becomes Exclusive North America Reseller of Skiply Customer Feedback Devices

Partnership will result in cost savings for customers of Microshare’s washroom and on-demand cleaning solutions in North America and improved product availability and service for Skiply customers

PHILADELPHIA and AIX-LES-BAINS, France, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Microshare, a leading Smart Building technology and sustainability data firm, has become the exclusive North America reseller of devices by Skiply, a specialist manufacturer of customer experience sensing devices, the companies announced today.

Skiply, based in Aix-Les-Bains, France, makes Internet of Things (IoT) devices for collecting anonymous, real-time customer feedback and requesting service assistance. Its connected survey terminals – compact boxes that operate on wireless networks – make it possible to instantly gather satisfaction data or address a service need in commercial spaces, such as offices, restaurants, stores and public washrooms. Its alert systems, which are integrated into several Microshare products, can be configured to notify dedicated sales or maintenance teams when problems are reported or the level of satisfaction deteriorates, improving service quality and customer loyalty.

Philadelphia-based Microshare uses Skiply’s feedback panels as part of its data-driven cleaning solutions, EverSmart Washroom and EverSmart Clean. Customers push a button on the wall-mounted terminals to request service or out-of-stock supplies, such as soap and paper products. These devices are deployed in hundreds of office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, universities, and sports & entertainment venues across North America and Europe.

“Our strategy as an IoT integrator has always been to have deep relationships with a small number of top-flight suppliers,” said Ron Rock, CEO and co-founder of Microshare. “We are doubling down on Skiply because their products are absolutely world-class – highly customizable, antibacterial and sturdy. By selling more of them, both directly and through Microshare resellers like Aramark, Comcast and CBRE, we will not only gain a greater understanding of this technology, but also will be able to pass along cost savings to our customers by buying in larger quantities.”

For its part, Skiply will gain increased access to the large North American market through Microshare’s sales channel and business relationships. Additionally, it will be easier for Microshare to serve Skiply’s U.S. and Canadian customers because it has an established team in the same time zone and can offer more comprehensive set of Smart Building data solutions.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Microshare since 2017 and are excited to take our collaboration to the next level,” said Jérôme Chambard, CEO and co-founder of Skiply. “This partnership will help bring our industry-leading technology to many more commercial real estate customers in North America, and the increased consumer use and feedback will help us drive further product innovation.”

Skiply’s terminals capture feedback with a range of displays that use smiley/angry faces, stars, up/down thumb signs, or numerical scores to gauge satisfaction. They can be deployed with a variety of counter, wall and floor mounts and can be easily customized to the customer’s unique physical environment, survey requirements and visual branding.

Skiply devices are also popular in retail settings such as supermarkets. Microshare intends to use them in a planned offering for big box stores and other large retail chains, Rock said.

To learn more about Microshare and its EverSmart suite of products, please visit www.microshare.io.

To learn more about Skiply and its Smilio survey terminals, please visit https://www.skiply.eu/en/smilio-s-2/.

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North America: Dave Fondiller, dfondiller@microshare.io
EMEA: Simon Redgate, sredgate@microshare.io; Gaspard Redont, gaspard.redont@skiply.fr

About Microshare
Microshare creates data where none existed before, enabling a full spectrum view into the performance, value, safety and sustainability of real estate assets. Our EverSmart suite of Smart Building solutions are deployed at scale around the world to drive cost savings, efficiency gains and labor savings in our clients’ operations, even as they produce valuable insights for sustainability and ESG programs. Philadelphia-based Microshare is a leader in LoRaWAN applications and a proud member of the LoRa Alliance®.  www.microshare.io

About Skiply  
Skiply is a French tech startup, created in 2015 by Jérôme Chambard and Sébastien Moulis. The company exports its connected terminals all over the world, in airports, malls, and service industry buildings. Winner of numerous international competition prizes, Skiply collaborates with more than 400 customers worldwide and manages several tens of thousands connected objects. www.skiply.eu

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