MT Højgaard Holding A/S: MT Højgaard Danmark enters another conditional contract with DSB for DKK 1.3bn

MT Højgaard Holding’s business unit MT Højgaard Danmark has entered a conditional turnkey contract with DSB for the construction of a train workshop with related railway facilities in Aarhus in the logistics park in Brabrand. The contract has a value of DKK 1.32 billion and will be unconditional when it has been acceded by the Board of Directors of DSB in December 2022.

Construction work has commenced, earthwork has been initiated, and a new bridge across the railway tracks has been established under a separate DKK 70 million agreement covering advanced work assignments. The contract is part of DSB’s conditional and staged tender, which MT Højgaard Danmark won in the autumn of 2020, cf. company announcement no. 15/2020 dated 29 September 2020. The tender is comprised of 3 phases:

  • Phase 0: Implementation phase including kick off workshop
  • Phase 1: Cooperation phase
  • Phase 2: Turnkey and execution phase

During phase 1, the construction and execution principles for the project have been jointly determined by DSB, Rambøll, Gottlieb & Paludan, MT Højgaard Danmark and the other parties, and these efforts have now entailed the signing of the turnkey contract in phase 2.

The workshop will be used for repair and maintenance work on DSB’s recently purchased electric IC5 trainsets, which are delivered and will be operated by Alstom. The workshop will have 8 tracks and forms, along with the workshop in Copenhagen also constructed by MT Højgaard Danmark, the two main locations for future maintenance of IC5 trains.

“Over the course of two years, we have been through an excellent process with DSB and the other parties in Aarhus, and we have now entered into the final agreement. With these workshops for electric trains, we are contributing to setting a greener course for Denmark’s infrastructure. As the signature is now in place for the DSB workshop in Aarhus, we can conclude that we have gone from phase 0 to phase 2 in our three cooperation contracts with DSB in Copenhagen, Næstved and Aarhus. We are of course very pleased with this fact, and it proves that the cooperative staged tender model is working as planned,” says Portfolio Manager at MT Højgaard Danmark, Søren Sørensen.

The project is expected to be handed over to DSB and commissioned in 2026.

The contract does not change MT Højgaard Holding’s previously announced 2022 outlook, but it will contribute significantly to the group’s long-term, sustainable development in the coming years.

CEO Henrik Mielke and CFO Martin Solberg can be contacted on telephone +45 22 70 93 65.



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