“The Best Education for Your Children Will Not Be Found in the Classroom”, says CEO of Tutors International

Education industry expert, Adam Caller, explains why children benefit more from residential private tuition than from traditional classroom teaching

OXFORD, UK: Adam Caller, education consultant, CEO and founder of elite private tutoring company, Tutors International, has much insight and experience in the field of private education. In 1999, and, following on from significant success as a teacher and private tutor, he founded Tutors International – the world’s foremost bespoke, private tuition providers. Mr Caller has as a well-established history of excellence in education and is passionate in his belief that homeschooling, in the form of residential private tuition, offers innumerable advantages to the child compared to traditional classroom teaching:

In my experience, classroom teaching stifles the individuality of the child and leaves no room for creativity or personal development”, Mr Caller explains. “Children taught within our educational system necessarily have to follow the same academic curriculum and their success is ultimately measured by how well they perform in public examinations. However, not every child will thrive in an environment that focuses on measuring success through academic grading. Mainstream classrooms mean every child is taught the same content in the same way, despite the fact that every student has individual learning styles. The students considered ‘underperformers’ may just be being taught the wrong things in the wrong way, meaning they become disenfranchised. This does not serve the students who find school challenging, nor does it serve the brightest children”.

Mr Caller elaborates on his point: “The needs of gifted and talented children are often neglected in a traditional classroom environment, because they are taught at a slower learning pace than one that would nurture their potential. This can make it just as easy for a child to underperform, lose interest, or withdraw completely if the education they are receiving does not challenge them as an individual or speak to their specific interests and talents. A strength-based education would accommodate their elevated learning pace”.

What is a Strength-Based Education?

Strength-based education plays an important role in Tutors International's tailored and holistic approach to education. It places the emphasis on learning through memorable experiences and natural aptitudes, as opposed to tuition for the sole purpose of passing exams. According to Mr Caller, when private home tuition is as customised as Tutors International’s service, the education received by the child is more likely to equip them for globalised living, more likely to empower personal growth, and more fitting for the contemporary world:

“An educator’s greatest challenge has always been to prepare young minds for the future when we can only base our teaching on experiences of the past. No teacher has ever known what the future that they are educating for might look like, but now more than ever, education seems to require radical revision. We find ourselves at the tipping point of an ecological crisis and we are looking at the origins of a so-called ‘metaverse’. Trying to educate for this coming world with the traditional methods and subjects feels inadequate”.

He continues: “When we teach things that no longer align with the modern world, we miss the mark. Imparting knowledge on a young person, for whom a particular subject or topic might be irrelevant, is like trying to force the same poles of two magnets together – there will be inevitable resistance and no strong connection. It certainly won’t stick. A strength-based education, on the other hand, allows subjects and talents to attract each other. The learner and the topic have a strong connection, with neither repelling the other. This completely changes the learning culture for that student. They no longer associate learning with forced teaching from within the four walls of a classroom. Instead, learning becomes a lifelong venture that encourages personal growth, and moves with their minds and aptitudes, as opposed to against them.”

How Tutors International Can Help Children Achieve their Potential

Mr Caller explains how these problems can be addressed by employing a full-time residential private tutor:

"In private tutoring, we see time after time how focusing on a child's individual interests and talents, and adapting teaching styles and lesson planning to complement them, results in a child who is more interested and eager to learn. Tutors International’s Clients are looking for 'outside the box' thinkers when selecting their private tutors. They want someone who can expose their child to a wide range of topics, concepts and ideas from an early age, and use new advancements in technology to their learning advantage. They want someone who can 'move with the times', and this paves the way for some very exciting job opportunities for forward thinking tutors, worldwide”.

Tutors International’s students are thriving in a non-traditional learning environment, often achieving exceptional results. Mr Caller attributes this to the one-to-one attention and individualised curriculum which allows students to work at their own pace, in a comfortable environment, whilst offering them the ability to explore and focus on their own academic interests without the pressures of the classroom:

“More families every year are choosing to educate their children outside of the traditional classroom environment for a variety of different reasons, from special educational needs to family, work, and travel commitments. Tutors International operates all over the world to provide families with exceptional private tutors, who are perfectly matched to their individual needs”.

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