Tome Lights Up Generative Storytelling with New DALL·E 2 Integration

Tome integrates with OpenAI text-to-image generator so anyone can become a visual storyteller

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tome, the new storytelling format for work and important ideas, today announced an integration with OpenAI text-to-image generator DALL·E 2. The news brings AI-generated images into Tome to help creators tell powerful stories with generative art for the very first time.

Tome is designed to help anyone tell a compelling story. Tens of thousands of creators have flocked to Tome for its powerful range of expressive functionality and intuitive, responsive design. Creators are using Tome for moments that matter, including raising significant venture capital, preparing design portfolios for interviews, educating customers about new products, closing new business, articulating brand vision, building microsites, and distributing thought leadership to millions of followers.

OpenAI’s DALL·E 2 adds a new dimension to visual storytelling in Tome. Creators can now simply describe an image, and the art generator will bring their vision to life. Having access to DALL·E in Tome gives creators the magical ability to turn words and ideas into artwork within the Tome experience.

“Visuals play a big role in storytelling, and anyone should be able to tell a compelling story without having to rely on an illustrator or settling for boring stock photography. With Tome’s new DALL·E 2 integration, anyone can quickly create original artwork that helps convey their idea, no matter how specific. It’s a natural extension of our expressive storytelling format,” said Keith Peiris, co-founder and CEO of Tome. “Our mission is to help anyone tell a compelling story, and AI-generated content brings the power of expressive storytelling to even more people. Our DALL·E 2 integration is just the start of Tome’s journey to bring generative storytelling to life.”

“Tome’s magic is that it reduces the gap between a great idea and the compelling story that brings it to life. Thanks to its intuitive storytelling format, Tome is sparking a new generation of creators and thought leaders,” said Reid Hoffman, board member at Tome and OpenAI, and partner at Greylock. “Tome’s integration with DALL·E 2 unlocks even more powerful capabilities and gives everyone a first look at the tremendous potential of generative AI in the future of storytelling.”

DALL·E 2 joins a growing list of Tome integrations, including Figma, Airtable, Framer, Looker, and Giphy, that allow creators to tell stories with any type of content. Expanded DALL·E 2 functionality is expected in the coming weeks, with additional generative content capabilities to follow.

Tome is now available to the general public, and can be accessed via desktop or Tome’s iOS app. To add generative images to your next story, create your free Tome account at

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Tome is the new storytelling format for work and important ideas. Tome combines intuitive design with powerful functionality to create an experience that feels like magic. Tome empowers storytellers to express ideas naturally so they can stop designing slides and start sharing ideas. To experience Tome yourself, visit

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