Boston, Massachusetts, Nov. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. (OTC: DUTV), announces an update for current and potential investors on the current status of DUTV, Easy Energy Systems, Inc., and Easy Energy Finance, as well as to clarify some potential confusion.

Easy Energy Financing, Inc.

Easy Energy Finance, Inc.  initiated in the Spring of 2022 the  creation of a Reg D and Reg S exempt security to raise capital.   The purpose of this capital is to be utilized to purchase modular equipment from Easy Energy Systems, Inc. , Easy Modular Manufacturing, Inc and the  other subsidiaries of DUTV.  This equipment will then be leased to end customers in the form of an operating lease  via a revenue share agreement to end user customers  with waste streams.  

 The end result is that the investors and the operators essentially “share” in the profits of the various waste conversion processes.   Hence our slogan “Converting Waste into Wealth.”  Easy Energy Finance, Inc. is a separate company, currently owned 100% by Mark Gaalswyk , that is   NOT under the DUTV public company  umbrella nor part of the planned Easy Energy Systems, Inc. merger with DUTV. Its sole purpose is to raise capital to fund Modular Projects for end customers. The initial vehicle to do this was called the “Easy Energy Climate Token℠” with first go live happening  this past early summer.

The Easy Energy Climate Token℠, though well received,  with over 300 interested investors signing  up to invest  amounts varying from $5,000 to $50,000 each - the actual funded amounts did not reach the $100,000 minimum.

After studying this closely, it was realized when talking to potential  investors that they did not like the very intensive  accredited investor background checks and supporting info required by the platform that we had selected.  While the platform was an extremely reputable “token-focused platform,” we began to realize that the platform we had selected was more of an “investor club” that HAD  to be VERY  restrictive as investors were not just signing up for a one-time investment, but were actually joining a longtime “investor club.”

Thus, most of the new interested investors that were coming in and signing up via our offering, were “stalled out” and offended  by  the multi-day,  tedious process of becoming approved to be part of the ”investor club” – versus just a one-time investor.

Meanwhile, even though we had structured our offering  to be asset based and revenue sharing  ( far DIFFERENT from other tokens and crypto) we became “guilty”  by association and sign ups slowed as the crypto crash continued to occur in the marketplace.   

Realizing this, we held up pushing “too excessively” for  the investor type show that had already filmed us and that was planning on airing or segment.  We did not want the possible thousands of investors to hit the same road block of the long and tedious  frustrating sign up.  

To solve the above problem, we spent the last couple of months signing on with a different platform that was recommended to us by the show itself.  It is much quicker and easier for investors to sign up and invest. Furthermore, on that platform we can now be a NON-block chain focused offering.

Investors will sign up initially to a “traditional” non crypto type investment,  but the plan is to provide them the “option”  (in the future) to tokenize it if they so choose.  Thus, we should now be attractive  to BOTH types of investors.

The new name of this offering is Easy Energy Climate Capital℠.  We now have completed signing  on  with the new Platform and will be going live very soon with an updated PPM. Stay tuned for its release. The new offering will also lower minimum investment to $2,000. 

Sales and Easy FEN Update

On the sales side, while we have many different disruptive modules for our customers in need, the fertilizer and drought conditions worldwide have led us to FIRST  focus primarily on the Easy FEN™ and its capability to create within local coops and rural villages  the exciting Liquid Microbial Fertilizer Terreplenish® .  To aid in this, in this past early Summer, we brought the company that owned this microbial technology (Feed Earth Now) in under our DUTV public company umbrella . That agreement has been fully executed and is  in escrow while we are making the required payments. The final payment is currently scheduled for the end of this year.

While we had initially anticipated using  the funds from the Easy Energy Climate Token℠ to fund our customers Easy FEN™ modular systems,  we were EXTREMELY  delighted when the federal government created a grant program with up to $500 million dollars to focus on funding exactly the type of Regenerative Agricultural Liquid Microbial Fertilizer Production system as the  Easy FEN™   The grant will furnish our customers up to 60% of the funds needed for such a system. The good news is the USA came up with the perfect grant.

The bad news is that we believe this created a delay in purchasing as first award recipients will not be announced until year end followed by additional recipients in the first quarter of 2023. This will delay when we expect to receiver first revenue from this product, but as 60% of the system’s price  could potentially be paid for by this grant -  the longer term sales “could”  likely be much greater than if we had only relied on the Easy Energy Finance, Inc. funding.   To capture this opportunity, we partnered with a world class grant writing firm to begin working with our various customers.

As a sales update, we currently have approximately 30 of these $1-to-1.4-million-dollar  Easy FEN™ systems that are in various stages of the sales, financing, grant funded pipeline.  The interested customers are  in the USA,  Central America, South America, Africa, India, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Along with proceeding through the sales steps, we are also signing up numerous Independent sales reps for various sales territories that are now actively seeking more customer prospects.

Sales and Auto Segmentation Update

We currently have (now two)  large $86 million dollar “Auto Segmentation”  projects that we are in the sales process with .  We already announced the letter of intent project in Tennessee and we are stepping through that project.  This will include applying for numerous federal grants for the project. The project should qualify nicely for Fertilizer Production Grants, various recently announced forest fire mitigation-related grants and advanced bio-fuels grants. We plan to have the matching funds provided by the Easy Energy Climate Capital℠ investors.

In addition to the already announced Tennessee project, we have also been working the last few months on a second $86 million dollar project that is located in a foreign country. That country is having a severe problem with an open garbage disposal site attracting birds that then interfere with  incoming airplanes at a large  international airport.  The country is also experiencing a severe fertilizer shortage crisis along with tremendous drought, and is at risk of having its foreign supplied electricity reduced.

We were approached for a solution and we believe  our combined Auto Segmentation and Easy FEN™ modular technologies was a “bulls eye” solution. As 25% of municipal waste is food (birds dig in trash for food) only 4 of our Easy FEN modules could immediately  help with the bird problem, allow the airport to reopen,  while also creating Terreplenish® to solve the pending food crisis in the country if the fertilizer shortage is not solved immediately.

The Terreplenish®  liquid microbial fertilizer product created locally by the Easy FEN™  would provide 1/3 of the fertilizer needs for 750,000 acres of crop land, while reducing water needs for crops by up to 20%!

The Auto Segmentation Modules  would also  convert all the remaining trash into bio fuels, low to negative  carbon  bio electricity, bio char, and a bio coal additive that can be mixed 1/3 with 2/3 regular coal allowing coal fired power plants to meet the Paris accords.

 While doing so, it would  also be sequestering up to 50,000 tons per  year of CO2. It is our believe that such a project would be a model project for landfills across the world.

While we have been told that there is a strong desire for the system by the leaders of the country, the project is now awaiting final funding to become a “formal” order.  The project is now seeking investment capital. We will let you know more on this project.


With the addition of Moe Vela as a board advisor, the doors are beginning to open up to potential world class investors.  As stated before, the plan is for these investors to each invest into the sub technology verticals under the main DUTV Umbrella.  Some are interested in the Easy FEN™, others are excited about mitigating forest fires, others for cleaning water and still others for our coal additive to give the coal mines some longer-term value in the “back up power” arena.  Discussions are ongoing with all of these investor groups. It is very possible that this increasing global exposure is helping  some with the DUTV stock price.


As stated before, we were honored to be selected to be featured on a widely watched global television investor show.  The show was recorded last June. We were told it was going to air first in July, then Sept 28. We were then told it was delayed as they did not want their other featured companies attempting to go public in the down public market.

Thus, we have been waiting for the show to air since this summer.  As previously stated, this has been an impetus for delaying the merger, per previous agreements.  However, a decision to move forward, regardless of the show airing or the air dates…is imminent.  We will let you know more on this as soon as we are able.

The management team at DUTV, as well as Easy Energy Systems and Easy Energy Finance, appreciates the continued confidence and support as we continue our vision:  To convert waste into wealth .. while fueling the world, feeding the famished, and fostering environmental sustainability

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