Conferences’ Feedback Affirms Strong Product Interest from Researchers and Bioinformaticians in Interactive User-Friendly Omics Analysis Interface

Malvern, Pennsylvania (USA), Nov. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rajant Health Incorporated (RHI), developer of cutting-edge technology to provide health insights on-demand, unveiled Trovomics at two major scientific conferences since its debut last month. Trovomics, a modern and fresh approach to break down barriers to omics analysis, showcased its user-friendly interface at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) in Los Angeles, CA (October 25-29, 2022) and the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions in Chicago, IL (November 5-7, 2022).

Both shows affirmed strong product interest from researchers and bioinformaticians in modernizing health-related omics data to improve their research. With Trovomics, prospective scientists and academic researchers have a more cost-effective solution suite for RNA sequencing analysis, interpretation, visualizations, and reporting, which will speed scientific breakthroughs and publishing.

“These conferences were a perfect introduction back into the research field. Especially with AHA, it was gratifying to return to a show I had attended as a student. Now, our team can offer a solution through Trovomics to solve some of the biggest pain points I experienced when I was a Ph.D. candidate,” shares Giana Schena, Ph.D., Trovomics Division Co-Founder & Precision Medicine Scientist. “Attending the two shows was an extremely valuable learning experience for the team. We connected with hundreds of prospects worldwide, with the majority coming from the AHA show.”

According to Emma Murray, Ph.D., Trovomics Division Co-Founder & Precision Medicine Scientist, “It was validating that attendees were impressed by the speed of our interactive visuals. Usually, researchers may wait months for graphs and visuals tailored to their questions, but we remove that wait time with our Trovomics visualizer. Hearing that people shared our excitement over the dynamic visualizations was fulfilling.”

Trovomics satisfies the need of researchers who lack formal bioinformatics training by directly involving them with their omics analysis in a way they can understand. For bioinformaticians who wish to focus on the interpretation of data instead of setting up workflows and coding without sacrificing rigor or quality of analysis, Trovomics is the new go-to tool. In these ways, Trovomics fills a unique gap in the field-- bridging power and quality of analysis, ease-of-use, accessibility, and affordability. Watch the video for more details.


About Trovomics

Trovomics is Rajant Health Incorporated’s (RHI) omics analysis service that dramatically accelerates research involving omics data. On Trovomics’ online interface, raw sequencing data can be uploaded, processed, and returned to researchers as dynamic, interactive, and real-time customizable graphical representations in under 48 hours. This service greatly increases the speed that researchers can receive results and, via our interactive interface, draw conclusions about their experiments. Follow Trovomics on Twitter @RajantHealthInc.

About RHI

Rajant Health Incorporated (RHI), based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is the developer of cutting-edge technology to provide on-demand health insights. RHI’s intelligent products make raw data understandable and actionable for researchers, healthcare providers, and everyday users, so individuals can live better healthier lives. Revolutionizing health discovery on a global scale is RHI’s mission.


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