SAN DIEGO, CA, Nov. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Surge of Power Enterprises, LLC, which produces the Surge of Power series of independent superhero movies, is pleased to announce the short film “Surge of Power: Doctor Who Tribute” is released today on Vimeo for all audiences to watch for free. This movie is a parody celebrating over 50 years of the beloved Doctor Who television series that pokes light-hearted fun at some of the most charming tropes in the Doctor Who TV show, with cameos from over 30 Doctor Who actors representing every era of The Doctor from 1963 to 2022. These actors brought their own special talents and humor to help the title superhero, Surge, through this adventure paying homage to Doctor Who. The movie also includes a special cameo from the late Nichelle Nichols (the iconic Lieutenant Uhura from the original "Star Trek") appearing posthumous in her continuing role as the mystical sage Omen in the "Surge of Power" superhero movies.

Doctor Who is the longest running science-fiction program in the world. It originally aired on television November 23, 1963, with the late William Hartnell in the title role. Over the years many actors have portrayed the titular character, The Doctor. Today marks the 59th anniversary of this popular British television show. It remains one of the most well-known productions of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

“With the latest season of Doctor Who ending last month, and the program not slated to air again until November next year, we decided to release our Doctor Who Tribute movie now to give fans something to enjoy in the meantime,” stated Vincent J. Roth, Executive Producer for Surge of Power Enterprises. “We are releasing the film for free as our gift to the fandom.”

The “Doctor Who Tribute” runs 30 minutes and is now available to all audiences for viewing at no charge on Vimeo at the following link:


About Surge of Power Enterprises, LLC

Surge of Power Enterprises is an independent production company in California creating fun superhero media with lots of celebrity cameos featuring cinema’s first out gay superhero. Its first feature film, Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes, screened 2004 and was released 2006. The second feature film, Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel, screened 2016, won four awards during its film festival run and was released 2018. Next is the short film Surge of Dawn, a crossover event with the award-winning web series DAWN by Pajarito Productions, which is currently screening and won “Best Visual Effects” at the HBO Urban Action Showcase. The company now releases its third movie, “Doctor Who Tribute,” a fan-film style homage to the popular British show that sprung from the company’s web series Surge of Power: Big City Chronicles. Continuing adventures of Surge and other heroes can be seen in the ongoing web series Big City Chronicles that is about to begin its sixth season, brief inspirational videos in its Code of Heroes installments, and the upcoming new movie, Where There’s Smoke.

Surge of Power Enterprises has no relation or connection with the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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