Increasing Demand for Private Tuition from Parents in South America, Says Adam Caller, CEO of Tutors International

Education consultant, Adam Caller, announces that his company, Tutors International, has experienced a growing number of enquiries from parents in South America wishing to employ a private tutor

OXFORD, UK: Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of the elite private tutoring company Tutors International, recently announced that an increasing number of parents are contacting him with the intention of employing a full-time residential private tutor. Many are seeking an alternative to mainstream education which has been left in a state of upheaval in the wake of the pandemic. The private tuition business as a whole is extremely buoyant at the moment with the global market set to be worth $201.8 billion in next three years and the US market expected to reach USD 140 Billion by 2027.

Mr Caller elaborates on the significant escalation in private tuition enquiries:

Tutors International is currently seeing the most growth in Asia and the US along with increasing activity in South America. Tutors International’s exponential growth globally continues to put us ahead of the curve. Parents want their children to benefit from a stable and reliable, high-quality education and we at Tutors International are able to provide this. There are options to mainstream education and employing an outstanding, residential private tutor from Tutors International is one of them”.

“There is an increasing realisation that the personalised services we offer enable our Clients to custom-build their child’s education to meet the needs of each child and the family as a whole. Our placement process is designed to deliver a perfect tutor who ticks every box for each individual Client: a successful private tutor will work with their environment and their student to create engaging, individualised learning activities which the student will enjoy and retain”.

Tutor Needed in Uruguay

Tutors International is currently advertising a new tutoring position in Punta del Este in Uruguay:

“Just today Tutors International announced that it is seeking the dedicated assistance of an exceptional, energetic and broadly able Tutor with an enthusiasm for travel, for a lovely family with 2 young boys, aged 4 and 8. The role, commencing as soon as the right candidate is found and potentially lasting for several years, will involve travel, mainly in the US, Mexico and Europe, but will predominantly take place in Punta del Este, Uruguay”.

Tutors employed by Tutors International are expected to be outstanding educators. Mr Caller explains why:

Our Clients want the best and so they expect us to recruit accordingly. We look for Tutors who can operate with confidence and courtesy in a demanding role. For our current position in Uruguay, the Tutor will be expected to work with their students for around 30 hours per week, with preparation in addition. Their school day will finish at 2pm and the Tutor will likely spend the rest of the afternoon with the boys. Although the Tutor will be entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week and nine weeks holiday per year, they will need to be flexible regarding the family’s travel plans and the children’s other activities. Our Tutors need to be flexible to any of our Clients’ changes in schedule, be they travel-related or otherwise and will need to be able to adapt accordingly”.

The Demands of Private Tutoring

Specialising in high-quality personalised tuition, Tutors International has extensive experience placing superb private tutors in full-time positions. Whether Clients want a live-in Tutor, a full-time educator to work alongside mainstream education, or a home-school Tutor able to incorporate extra-curricular expertise, they will find the perfect Tutor for the student(s) and their family. Mr Caller emphasises that not only are his tutors expected to be experienced and highly-educated, but they need to work extremely hard for their salaries and are often required to uproot and travel for long periods with their Client at very short notice. Because of this, they also often have little time of their own to socialise and maintain their own personal relationships:

“Our clients, typically high-ranking professionals and UHNWs, come to us because they want a truly exceptional and talented educator, painstakingly matched to the individual needs of both student and family, and they are willing to pay whatever it takes to meet those needs. Compared to what a teacher earns in a school, the salary a private tutor can earn is phenomenal”, he adds. “For our latest vacancy in Uruguay, the Tutor appointed will earn US $144,000 per annum so obviously, we are looking for the perfect tutor for our family. Tutors will need to have plenty of experience, enthusiasm and energy as well as being able to adapt their teaching to fit the variable circumstances of working with children when at home or when travelling”.

Tutors Perfectly Matched to Clients

Mr Caller stresses that his tutors are hand-picked and that a customised global search is conducted for each and every Client enquiry.  Only the best candidates who meet every requirement get shortlisted. These are then interviewed and the final decision is made by the Client:

“Our selection process is rigorous”, he asserts. “Tutors International receives hundreds of CVs and resumés from applicants for private tutor positions. We will identify the most important values, desires and attitudes of the Client in order to ensure that both Client and tutor are compatible. References for every shortlisted tutor are then checked. The remaining tutors who pass every quality check are then interviewed in person. The two best candidates are put forward to the Client and the final decision is made by them. The fact that we take such care to match the Tutor with the needs of the Client is why we are considered to be the world-leader in the field of private tuition and why, we at Tutors International, are delighted by the number of children who are now thriving thanks to the focused one-to-one attention that our tutors provide”.

Get in Touch

Tutors interested in applying for the latest vacancy in Uruguay should click on this link. Families considering private tuition for their children are encouraged to get in touch as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to recruit and screen tutors ideally suited to their individual needs. To find out more about Tutors International and the elite services it provides visit

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